Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where has my motivation gone???

I taught my two aerobic/workout classes on Tuesday and Wednesday now for the rest of the week I have to find the motivation, desire within to train...thats the hardest part for me right now as I cant face the gym....I know why, cause its so stuffy and I end up being annoyed and not enjoying myself as I struggle to breath with the windows and doors all being closed as that's the way the older generation like to not for me.....I now wish I had a treadmill at home as do think I would run more often if I had one...Hubby says I have to chose...a gym membership or treadmill and right now am still in the middle of my two year contract and cant get out of the membership.
I'm waiting for the fire of passion to fill me again...the passion to train.

Whenever I make baked veggies I pour 1 Tsp of this olive oil over the veggies and bake it in the oven...Hubby has been complaining that his stomach is playing up after veggie bake and he feels there is too much oil over the veggies ( 1 Tsp over a huge baking tray??? ) anyway, last might I made veggie bake again and left out the olive oil and he turned to me and said * These veggies taste much better * ~ so now am wondering if everyone adds or leaves the oil when baking veggies???
In Germany you can't find Instant oats...they make oats, but not the instant type like you can get in other parts of the world.
The only place I can buy Instant oats in in Cologne at The British Shop where they import the Instant oats from the United Kingdom..... my friend Sarah often posts me the Instant oats from the American Base shop in her part of Germany as well.
I wanted to start making Oats for breakfast from this week but have so much Plain and Greek yogurt that I have to use that up first before it expires. I do look forward to Oats for breakfast again after weeks and weeks of muesli.

I got a reply from Oxygen magazine to say that I can expect my first issue, the month of March addition around the 16th FEB.....which is today, have looked in the letter box but nothing arrived today....I hope it arrives as a friend of mine posted me photography magazines from the UK and its been more than a month and a half and nothing has arrived as yet.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greek and a parcel

I have read all your comments regarding the Total Fage Greek yogurt that I managed to find last Friday...Will look for the o% version next time or see if I can speak to the store manager to hear if they have it or getting it in.
I bought 6 tubs of this yogurt and eat 100g's at breakfast so a tub will last me for two days...
I ate this Greek yogurt with my muesli this morning, wow, wow, wow, plain yogurt does not come close to the taste of this Greek yogurt.
I have two big tubs of plain yogurt left which I will use with my GREEN shake that I am making daily....cause now that I have tasted my breakfast with Greek yogurt, how am I going to go back to plain again!!!

I've checked the ingredients of the Greek I have and see its very different to the one's a lot of you are eating...for example per 100g the Protein is only 6.8g's compared to what the rest of you are getting...20g's
I have been online to see what is available.
I think this GREEK is new to Germany.


FAGE Total As a Part of Your Healthy Diet.

FAGE Total makes a great addition to any healthy eating plan because of its high concentration of all-natural protein, raw ingredients, low calorie count and unique versatility.

It’s packed with powerful protein.

FAGE Total’s unique straining process yields luxuriously thick yogurt, but also something else extraordinary: a high concentration of all-natural protein. Protein is a powerful, muscle-building nutrient that helps deliver steady and sustained energy throughout your day. So with up to 20g of protein in each individual cup. FAGE Total can help you through your day.

It’s all natural.

Healthy food starts by being all natural. FAGE Total uses only raw, 100% natural whole milk and cream supplied from rBGH-free* cows. This means you get all the calcium-rich benefits of real dairy ingredients, with nothing artificial.

It’s low-calorie — but filling.

FAGE Total is inherently low-calorie. Because we don’t use any artificial sweeteners, there are no extra “sugary” calories to keep track of. And in several cases, FAGE Total has fewer calories than other common dietary snacks and proves more filling:

Today my doorbell rang.

I ran down the 3 flights of stairs to the front door.

A parcel from my blogger friend Sarah from the USA but now living in Germany

I will share more about this parcel on my other blog tomorrow but wanted to show the food planner she sent me.

It's fantastic.

I'm going to use it from March...and cant wait.

Thank you so much know me well girlfriend!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's ~ No cooking

Happy Valentine's EVERYONE
Have taken the day off today...
So no training for me
But am watching what I eat as off to dinner with my hubby later this evening.

Guess what I found on Friday while out grocery shopping
Have not tried it yet as want to finish the other yogurt I have in my fridge.
See lots more calories per 100ml for Greek compared to plain...but sugar wise a better choice.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly results

I didn't get to train on Friday or Saturday
Friday, I did my grocery shopping and was wanting to go for a run, but never did as I hate running once I've done my hair and make up for the day.
Saturday my hubby and I went to Frankfurt for the day, so besides lots of walking, which actually counts for nothing as your HR doesn't go up...I didn't train once again...
Two days in a row.....makes me feel a little on the cranky side to be honest.

I love adding the GERMAN foods photo's I eat to my blog as I think its always interesting to see what foods are available in other countries...I love seeing the foods the American's have as the variety always seems so much more than here in Germany or South Africa where I come from.
As you can see the foods I eat are all BIO, which means Organic and most are the brand ALNATURA which is the organic brand at one of our supermarkets...buying that brand I know I can rely on them to have no added sugar, sweetener or bad fats to the products....I always double check the ingredients before I buy anything, and this brand I am always more than satisfied with.
Today Hubby and I went to the gym for our usual Sunday workout....I head straight to the treadmill every Sunday while hubby does his cardio on the bike and elliptical. We usually train for an hour each Sunday.
Today I did 7.64 km in 55 mins.
I walked for 5 mins, ran for 30, then did 3 sets of walk for one min, run for 4, last few minutes I walked to cool down, then it was time to get out of there.
When I got home I make myself a GREEN shake of spinach leaves, 1 orange, 100g plain yogurt, a stick of celery and ice...
My weeks training was as follows.

Monday ~ Ran for 7.57kl outdoors
Tuesday ~ Taught Aerobic Dance Class
Wednesday ~ Taught boot camp class
Thursday ~ Ran 5kl outdoors
Friday and Saturday were my off days
Sunday ~ Ran 7.64 on the Treadmill

Did total of 20 kl this week
Burned Total of 3094 calories
Did 5 Workouts.
Did 900 sit ups this week

Am now two weeks away from my weigh in day and not feeling as if I have lost anything...