Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greek and a parcel

I have read all your comments regarding the Total Fage Greek yogurt that I managed to find last Friday...Will look for the o% version next time or see if I can speak to the store manager to hear if they have it or getting it in.
I bought 6 tubs of this yogurt and eat 100g's at breakfast so a tub will last me for two days...
I ate this Greek yogurt with my muesli this morning, wow, wow, wow, plain yogurt does not come close to the taste of this Greek yogurt.
I have two big tubs of plain yogurt left which I will use with my GREEN shake that I am making daily....cause now that I have tasted my breakfast with Greek yogurt, how am I going to go back to plain again!!!

I've checked the ingredients of the Greek I have and see its very different to the one's a lot of you are eating...for example per 100g the Protein is only 6.8g's compared to what the rest of you are getting...20g's
I have been online to see what is available.
I think this GREEK is new to Germany.


FAGE Total As a Part of Your Healthy Diet.

FAGE Total makes a great addition to any healthy eating plan because of its high concentration of all-natural protein, raw ingredients, low calorie count and unique versatility.

It’s packed with powerful protein.

FAGE Total’s unique straining process yields luxuriously thick yogurt, but also something else extraordinary: a high concentration of all-natural protein. Protein is a powerful, muscle-building nutrient that helps deliver steady and sustained energy throughout your day. So with up to 20g of protein in each individual cup. FAGE Total can help you through your day.

It’s all natural.

Healthy food starts by being all natural. FAGE Total uses only raw, 100% natural whole milk and cream supplied from rBGH-free* cows. This means you get all the calcium-rich benefits of real dairy ingredients, with nothing artificial.

It’s low-calorie — but filling.

FAGE Total is inherently low-calorie. Because we don’t use any artificial sweeteners, there are no extra “sugary” calories to keep track of. And in several cases, FAGE Total has fewer calories than other common dietary snacks and proves more filling:

Today my doorbell rang.

I ran down the 3 flights of stairs to the front door.

A parcel from my blogger friend Sarah from the USA but now living in Germany

I will share more about this parcel on my other blog tomorrow but wanted to show the food planner she sent me.

It's fantastic.

I'm going to use it from March...and cant wait.

Thank you so much Sarah...you know me well girlfriend!!!


  1. You are a lucky girl with all these great gifts you receive all the time from everybody. Great gift from Sarah!

    You know my grocery store doesn't sell this Greek yogurt but I'm going to ask for it Thursday because seeing it only makes me want it more :)

    I agree that Greek tastes better than plain which I use right now.

  2. awesome stuff. still miffed that my parcel I sent for your birthday last year never got to u.

  3. I will have to see if we have that yogurt. The one on post is not so great. Glad you like your journal!

  4. how awesome!! What a great gift!!

  5. Sarah is so sweet!!! I'm so glad you love the taste of the Greek yogurt. I am so hooked on it...when I start my day with it,I can just keep going all day.