Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly results

I didn't get to train on Friday or Saturday
Friday, I did my grocery shopping and was wanting to go for a run, but never did as I hate running once I've done my hair and make up for the day.
Saturday my hubby and I went to Frankfurt for the day, so besides lots of walking, which actually counts for nothing as your HR doesn't go up...I didn't train once again...
Two days in a row.....makes me feel a little on the cranky side to be honest.

I love adding the GERMAN foods photo's I eat to my blog as I think its always interesting to see what foods are available in other countries...I love seeing the foods the American's have as the variety always seems so much more than here in Germany or South Africa where I come from.
As you can see the foods I eat are all BIO, which means Organic and most are the brand ALNATURA which is the organic brand at one of our supermarkets...buying that brand I know I can rely on them to have no added sugar, sweetener or bad fats to the products....I always double check the ingredients before I buy anything, and this brand I am always more than satisfied with.
Today Hubby and I went to the gym for our usual Sunday workout....I head straight to the treadmill every Sunday while hubby does his cardio on the bike and elliptical. We usually train for an hour each Sunday.
Today I did 7.64 km in 55 mins.
I walked for 5 mins, ran for 30, then did 3 sets of walk for one min, run for 4, last few minutes I walked to cool down, then it was time to get out of there.
When I got home I make myself a GREEN shake of spinach leaves, 1 orange, 100g plain yogurt, a stick of celery and ice...
My weeks training was as follows.

Monday ~ Ran for 7.57kl outdoors
Tuesday ~ Taught Aerobic Dance Class
Wednesday ~ Taught boot camp class
Thursday ~ Ran 5kl outdoors
Friday and Saturday were my off days
Sunday ~ Ran 7.64 on the Treadmill

Did total of 20 kl this week
Burned Total of 3094 calories
Did 5 Workouts.
Did 900 sit ups this week

Am now two weeks away from my weigh in day and not feeling as if I have lost anything...


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself Marcy for not training on two days. You did fantastic on the other 5!

    Erdnuss mus is called pindakaas here :)

  2. You ended up having a great week so no matter about the two days off! Great run today too!

  3. Looks like you found some exciting new finds to eat and enjoy!

  4. You are an inspiration! @ Fran: I live in Holland to! Maybe you'd like to check my blog?


  5. You're such an inspiration. How do you find the time to train?? I always have good intentions but something always gets in my way.

  6. Good work on the workout. I think that you are going to surprise yourself on weigh-in day :)

  7. Might have to try the green shake. Might be something good for Rachelle as a snack!