Thursday, June 16, 2011

Am back on plan

I'm back on track again after 2 days of no training, besides walking and with my eating.

Last night I taught a Kettlebell class out on my neighbors lawn, it was a beautiful evening, far too hot to be stuck indoors.
This morning I did an indoor cycle for 15.5km, 30 mins while watching Oprah, then I did a 35 min Kettlebell workout..
In an hour and a half my hubby and I are off for a 10 km run...

Talking about my hubby...the weight is falling off him
He is looking so good.
I'm totally amazed at his determination to stick to the plan I've put him on.
And so excited to see he is getting results.
He is down 6.5kg's now.

The Body Ecology Diet ~ is the book I bought yesterday for my iPad
Has anyone read this book???
Its not a diet...its a plan to help the immune system.

I added these two photo's taken in ~Berlin~ wanted to show you how active the people are there...I was amazed how the mother in the first photo could cycle with high heel shoes....and skirt. The photo below I thought was something fun to do if with a big group of people....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back from Berlin

Its been a week since I did my last entry...
So much has happened..
My daughter arrived from South Africa
We went to Berlin from Sunday to Tuesday evening...
Back home now and trying to find my feet...
But thought I would quickly pop in and do an update

Before heading off to Berlin I ran on Friday ( 7.5km ), Saturday ( 9km ) and Sunday ( 10km )
I knew I would over eat and that's just what I did.
We ate a good breakfast every morning and that is where the good ended..
We ate lunch and dinner at restaurants...Ice Cream as it was so so hot out
Drank Radlers and wine with meals...ate one there went my NO chocolate challenge...14 days into challenge and I failed!!
Bread rolls....I ate far too many of those.

The only good about this trip was we did 20 hours of a good pace most of the time...
Hubby came back 200g lighter...I'm too scared to climb on the scale....and at the moment am saying * I'm fat * and getting moaned at by my hubby who says I cannot be fat after only two days of eating badly!!!
When I eat badly I feel fat....I hate eating badly!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.