Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back from Berlin

Its been a week since I did my last entry...
So much has happened..
My daughter arrived from South Africa
We went to Berlin from Sunday to Tuesday evening...
Back home now and trying to find my feet...
But thought I would quickly pop in and do an update

Before heading off to Berlin I ran on Friday ( 7.5km ), Saturday ( 9km ) and Sunday ( 10km )
I knew I would over eat and that's just what I did.
We ate a good breakfast every morning and that is where the good ended..
We ate lunch and dinner at restaurants...Ice Cream as it was so so hot out
Drank Radlers and wine with meals...ate one there went my NO chocolate challenge...14 days into challenge and I failed!!
Bread rolls....I ate far too many of those.

The only good about this trip was we did 20 hours of a good pace most of the time...
Hubby came back 200g lighter...I'm too scared to climb on the scale....and at the moment am saying * I'm fat * and getting moaned at by my hubby who says I cannot be fat after only two days of eating badly!!!
When I eat badly I feel fat....I hate eating badly!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Oh, how I know that feeling! It's amazing what a couple of bad days can do to the mind.

  2. So glad you had a nice visit with your daughter. I know the feeling you're talking about. When you normally eat well, a couple of days can leave you feeling so gross. Your body feels toxic and generally there is some bloating involved. It's like being hungover. I've failed a bit on some of my eating challenges this month too. But not horribly and just because I let a few things slide does not mean I'm throwing the rest of the month out the window. You can do that too. Great runs before you went to Berlin (my Dad was born there and I still have an aunt and cousin living there). Good job!

  3. You still had a great time with your daughter, right? That's worth some extra food in my book. I know how it feels, though, especially when you are coming from a really great clean eating background. On the other hand, that was just 2,3 days and even if you gained, that's mostly water and food that's still in the system. Also, I hear that occasional overeating will shake up your metabolism and do you good in the end, given that you go back to good eating after it which I am sure you will.

    Hey two weeks without chocolate can not be a failure. Remember how much you wanted it and you made through 2 weeks. That's good. Now start a new streak and all is well.

    Hope you start feeling better very soon :)

  4. I like the pictures in your post. So cool and glad that you enjoyed the trip. You are NOT fat. I think you will be surprised when you do climb on that scale - I don't think that you put on any weight.

  5. Welcome back! Don't worry, you will soon get back in your eating and exercising routine...

  6. I think the scale won't be that bad for you, you walked a lot in Berlin.

    I know what you mean by feeling fat, I have exactly the same after eating bad for 1 or more days. Sometimes the weight is still the same but it feels fat.

    I'm sure you pick up your healthy routine before the week is over if you haven't already.

  7. You remind me so much of Tosca Reno! Congratulations on your weight loss!