Monday, January 31, 2011


Woke up this Monday morning READY to go....
No, not to train as still feeling a little flat from the flu and have a class to teach this evening so will get to train today
But READY to start my FEBRUARY challenge
I'm not going to wait until tomorrow to begin
I'm beginning my FEB challenge TODAY.

It will be back to TRACKING 100%
Weighing my food
Drinking 8 glasses of water per day
Watching my portion sizes per meal
No bread Sunday to Thursday
No chocolate, cheese or biscuits
No processed foods
Eating one meal per day without distraction
Chewing each mouthful 20x or more

Run 4 days a week
Tone 2x a week
Teach 2x a week
One rest day a week
200 sit ups 3x a week

My aim is to lose 5kg's ( 11lbs ) by April
I will weigh in and mention my current weight on 1st March
I have not weighed myself since October and know I have gained weight
Not lots, but a few kg's ( lbs ) and want to drop it
I now fear the scale so am going to give 100% to my plan for FEB and then 1st of March will be my official weigh in day.....


  1. You have great plans for February and no doubt you will reach them too. Once you set your mind to something, you do it. You've proven this over and over in the past.

    Good luck, I'll be here to support you.

  2. Hi Marcy ,
    you now I dont right much that is sooooo true what your friend Fran said when you put your mind to it you cannnnnnnnnnnnnnn and you have proven it over and again go for it .Hope you feel better and take care have great day.

  3. I had the same thought this morning Marcy! Why wait till tomorrow - it is time to get this show on the road!! Bring it on!

  4. You sound so motivated. Good for you.
    I'm very interested in hearing everyone's opinions about chewing their food 20x. Going to be interesting.
    Losing 5kgs by April is going to be possible. Great goal

  5. I am excited for Feb. I can't wait to see what happens for all of us. Just to make sure for us abs is 100 3x a wk right?

  6. I like that saying you posted.

    Sounds like you're on fire. AWESOME!

  7. Good luck to you! You got this ;)!

  8. I'm with you...tracking, the whole nine yards. I'm doing it from Feb. 1 to April 5th. The race to goal is on....