Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plain Lazy ~ That's ME!

Two days have past without me training...
Now those who know me well will know this is not like me at all.
I'm struggling with motivation right now
I'm forever having this internal argument with myself but still not getting off my butt and sweating.
I'm such an ALL or NOTHING kind of gal that not doing anything for two days makes me feel like a failure.
Tomorrow will get to the gym as hubby is going so easier for me to get dressed and get going.
I know its winter and the cold that is causing me to feel like this...
so being kind to myself even thought I don't like this * lazy * me.
Eating wise I'm on track.
As you know I'm watching my sugar intake so stopped doing the WW program as the fruit is free so full of sugar...for the month of FEB I'm counting calories while eating clean and keeping my sugar low. I'm allowing myself 2 fruits a day, and fruits with lower sugar. ( No banana or grapes for me at this time )
Once I have finished my muesli I'm going to change my breakfast to an egg on toast with 20g grated cheese and mushrooms and every 2nd day will have oatmeal with flaxseed and Tsp peanut butter.
I'm giving up bread from Monday to Thursdays ~ a change I've made and am coping as I love my sandwich for lunch time.
I've included a GREEN shake into my diet every 2nd day so far and really enjoying it very much.
I am thinking of increasing it to a Green shake a I added a few celery to the shake and one kiwi instead of two oranges while still keeping the main ingredient to Spinach as very high in iron. Iron is something I need for my system right now as was diagnosed with anemia a month and a half ago and since have take iron tablets daily.

This week I have had a few *BAD* foods....
Thursday we took a visitor from South Africa out for dinner and I had a glass of RED semi sweet wine.
Friday night we had the visitor over for dinner so I had a Beer mix drink and a mini magnum ice cream.
So far that was my * BAD * foods for the week.

3 more weeks till I weigh in....


  1. Well my friend if those were all the bad foods this week, you did fine on them. That's absolutely not much!

    I like that you're changing your eating habits. I've been thinking about that too this week, especially after my doctor's appointment Friday but have to sit down for it and work on it.

    I know to you 2 days looks like a failure but to me you are not. You are always working out so hard and often, it's okay to do nothing for 2 days. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Leaves me with nothing more to say than to wish you a happy Sunday and I know there will be some Spring coming your way next week, trust me on this one.

  2. I enjoy being so specific in my meals, like you have planned out. It's easier to cope, I find, with less choices. You have enough variety to keep it interesting.

  3. I am understanding what you are saying about exercise though mine is not from motivation. At the moment mine is my stomach still in a mess. I have Zumba today but I am still trying to see if it is smart to go. You are eating great this week so I know that is going to help. Snow has melted over here but wind is sooo strong so not pleasant outside.

  4. I am with Fran on this - you are definitely not a lazy person just because you took a couple of days off! We all need a break from time to time, and you work so hard that you certainly deserve it. And I really admire the discipline you've been putting into your food - I'm sure that is not easy.

  5. Don't be so hard on yerself. You're not you said, you're lack self-motivation thats all. there's no sin in that once in a while.