Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Wednesday * tick*

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays post..
You all spoke from the heart and I appreciate that..

I weighed myself this morning as its 2 weeks on the 30 day challenge...
I am currently at my 19th day and what did I see on the scale....A huge gain!
I am the heaviest today than I have been in the last year...
Now you can only but guess my first reaction...
WASTING MY TIME...throw in the towel
I have also been treat free for 15 days....
I grabbed my Blackberry and messaged Fran who is my support over this time and told her that I am finished with this challenge, I am counting calories, points, training daily and then this huge gain...I mean in one week I have NEVER had such a big gain ....
Fran's reply to me was that I am building muscle
And I know its my * period time *
So....I am going to hang in there....
Yes I have decided I cant throw in the towel just get....
This morning I did 200 situps, 4 sets of 10 push ups and lunges, forward and backward and that was all....forgot to do my triceps...

I went for a 7.30km run ( 4.5miles ) this afternoon in the was perfect ~ I could wear my strappy top ( like photo below ) and let the sun with its healing power of Vit D soak into my skin...just what the DR ordered.
I ran all the way today ~ even up the horrible steep hills, something I haven't done in a while, but today I felt strong.
Took me 50 mins 39 to run that distance....a huge improvement with me running on my own to running with the other girls....but saying that I do enjoy the company of the other girls.
I burned 500 calories
Heart Rate was high today due to the hills....137 - 173
Okay now know what Almond Butter is and also have added ~Flaxseed oil into my diet...
This evening I'm going to make grilled skinless chicken breast, roasted veg and salad for dinner
Lots of good clean eating...

Before I run off...Wednesday gets a *Tick*


  1. It will be OK- Have you set a max number (I have a wieght in my head that I am ok up to not to cross) I of course work to stay under that weight but it is my max
    I will say it seems for both of us on our "heavy" days we have the most energy- wonder what that means...
    Your dinner sounds wonderful...I will send you a recipe for another clean way to make chicken... YOur body might be fighting you wanting a rest?

  2. Oh that is so frustrating. I hate when that happens. Have had that too many times. Hope it works itself out for your next weigh in. How are your clothes fitting? Though that's hard to tell too if you get bloating with your period. I do, it sucks!

    Whatever the scale says ... I can see from your pics that you are in fantastic shape. You look awesome!

  3. Don't you just want to kick that scale some days? It drives me nuts not be rewarded for hard work. I was the same today, so no loss for me, despite being treat free. Apparently, having a little ice cream or square of chocolate makes no difference to my results. Well, I'll give it the month too, as it's my first day of the monthly. But, come on...we want results!

  4. I really think with all the activity you are doing it is not a weight gain but a muscle gain. Do people gain weight well they are in menopause? Just wondering. Did u take measurements or anything besides pics before u started this? I think you should try on some clothes and see if you see a difference there.

  5. I've been thinking about my gain today too and I think it's my period too, didn't pay attention to my body the past few days but it has all the signs but since I skip it every month due to my birth control I never know when it's that time of the month until I realize after a few days that it must have been it.

    I sure hope my package comes tomorrow, you could sure use that Alpro with it :)

    Great time on that run my friend, it's about my time too so we could definitely run together and keep up with each other.

  6. beautiful story, beautiful blog! your happiness radiates through the computer! congratulations!

  7. I did not know that one can be heavier when it is one's "period time"?!?
    Also discussed with my hubby that we need to look out for stuff like Flaxseed oil, almond oil and avocado oil when buying groceries next week. Read that it's a healthier option than Sunflower Oil.
    Great work on the exercising :)