Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday *Tick*

It was great to hear I was not the only one totally irritated with my hubby yesterday
~ love it when we can be honest about whats happening instead of always putting on a big smile and front to the rest of the world...
Being honest to me is freeing...
I got it out, moved on and had a great evening yesterday and day with him today.
Am still crazy in love with him...

Last night I got a call from hubby while he and the men were out cycling...
They had decided to BBQ as the weather has been amazing...and would I organize with the other ladies...
So I did and we had such a great time...the only think I overate on...was FRESH RYE BREAD..
Heaven's fresh Rye bread the way the Germans make it is too wonderful for words.
I never ate chips, or chocolate, or ice cream...and I also had no wine..
I only overate on the rye bread.....;)
So am still treats free today
Have been treats free for 12 days now.
And it feels GREAT let me tell you.

This morning I set my alarm for 8am as I wanted to eat Oats for breakfast before heading out at 9.30am for a 10 km run with the girls...After I ate my Oats, which I tried with blueberries and must say I am not in favor of hot breakfast with fruit....nope, not for me, anyway, back to my story...after breakfast I did my 150 sit ups, 40 push ups, 48 triceps dips and 24 forward lunges...stopped there as i thought I might tire my legs out before my run and then what???...

We did a new route today....I enjoyed it but at one point while walking uphill mommy's Heart rate went up so high as there were two very steep hills, she started having difficulty breathing, so I stayed back with her, comforted her till she felt she had her breath back...put my ipod on her so she could listen to music while running as I know that helps and she runs without did help her...towards the end of the route the girls all stopped to walk and I told them I felt good so was going on ahead of them....not long after I went ahead I heard these footsteps behind me, turned around to see who it was and there was mommy...catching up to I slowed down till she caught up to me and we pushed each other to the end...she finished ahead of me ~ I really admire her for how well she coped today and with the power she ended the run.

Ran 10.66
Time ~ 1 hour 20 mins
Burned 970
HR ~ 115 - 168

I have been reading a book I bought two years ago by Bob Harper called * Are You Ready *
Boy do I understand it so much better reading it the 2nd time round with the new understanding I have to Clean Eating and training etc.
One thing I want to ask your opinions on...
Bob says you must eat EVER four hours...never let it go longer than four hours.
Would that mean I wonder.
Breakfast at 8am ~ lunch at 12 ~ Snack at 4pm ~ Dinner at 8pm
Breakfast at 8am, Snack at 11, Lunch at 2pm, Snack at 5, Dinner at 8pm
I always thought eating after 7pm was bad....
So how does someone like me who only starts my breakfast at 8am as I am in bed till 7.30 am do this without eating so late at night...

This is my 16th day of training without a break...
Today gets a *Tick*
All challenges done!!


  1. I think you should do what feels best for you when to eat. I eat breakfast at 6.30 am, snack at 9.30/10.00 am, lunch at 12.30 pm, snack at 3/3.30 pm, dinner at 6 pm and if I'm hungry a snack around 8/9 pm.

    Eating after 8 is a fairytaile. It isn't true that you can't eat after that. Your body is working 24 hours. It might that you feel full when you go to bed when you eat after 8 and that's why some people don't do it. I never eat much at night because I don't like to go to sleep with a full stomach.

  2. Fran you will have to tell Oprah that is fairytale as she ran so many shows telling the obese people of USA not to eat after a certain time and NO carbs at night....LOL

  3. Marcy, my opinion of course as I'm no expert. I think do what feels right to you. If it doesn't feel right, it's not going to work. I don't believe the after 8 thing at all. It's all relavent. If eating late keeps you awake, then by all means don't do it. I also don't think we should eat if we're not hungry. Every 4 hours might be fine for some and not for others. Also, a snack between lunch and dinner probably wouldn't put your dinner off until 8pm unless you wanted to. Maybe Bob meant don't go more than 4 hours? We can read all we want and get all these great ideas, but at the end of the day we just have to do what's going to work for us in the long run.

  4. Hey Marcy,
    I am such a different schedule! I am up at 3:50 in the morning, eat breakfast after my workout at 5:30 or 6:00. Often at school there is no time for an am snack so have an early lunch if I am lucky around 11:00. Then I am starving around 2:30 and must have a snack. Dinner by 5:00 and to bed by 8:00!
    I think we have to do what feels best. I do know I feel better if I eat every 3 to 4 hours.

  5. Really? I can't eat hot oatmeal without some fruit!

  6. I have to eat past 7 because I tend to do my workouts in the evenings, especially if I am running in the evenings I need a small snack. Do what feels right to you Marcelle, not everyone can be by the book all the time. You know your body best

  7. There are days I eat past 7. Now a days with everyone being so busy it is impossible not to. It is also not possible to eat every 4 hours for some people. Not everyone's jobs allow someone to eat just bc its been 4 hours.

    Great job on not eating any treats still!!!! You are one amazing woman!

  8. Do you believe everything Oprah tells you?

    I don't after all: who's the worlds biggest example of losing, gaining, losing, gaining, losing, gaining? Right the same Oprah :)
    She's in the weight loss department not an example for me.

    But love her show!

  9. I heard on TV (can't remember the source) that it is okay to eat at night, just be careful what you eat. If it is protein, fruits and vegges, that is good. Stay away from the snack foods and carbs. Like they say at Weight Watchers: No one every gained too much weight from eating fruits and veggies!!!