Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's moans but still gets a *Tick*

Okay am starting off this entry today feeling very annoyed to say the least....
I have been told by a friend ( blogger friend, someone I have never met in person ) that I am obsessed with training and that I need help as I am in denial about my MS situation.

Please get help, Marcelle....you are in denial.
I think you have become obsessed with exercise to try and convince all and sundry that you are okay...you are fooling yourself, my dear. I just wish you could see that now before its too late.

I would love to hear from the rest of you...
Do you agree with my friend?
Is training one hour a day an obsession??
Is doing a 30 day challenge where I only have to train for 25 mins but chose to do a bit more an obsession?.

"A lot would keep quiet and feed you candy coated words to comfort you...as that is what you crave....I am not like that...I say it as it is."

Fran and I chat about this often and I always tell her that before I moved to Germany I was training 3/4 hours a day so to me one full hour a day is like I am loafing...but I know that one hour is enough so thats what I set aside for myself.
On a Thursday I have to teach two class so do two hours but thats still a lot less that the hours I was doing.
Before the September challenge I was taking between one or two days off a week...
I know the body needs to rest...and recover, I'm highly trained in the fitness field and have 32 years of experience behind me.

I think I touched on obsession last year December when I got to my lowest weight, this friend was supporting me and never said a word then, but now has this to say.

I do feel good...
Must I lie and say I don't
I have lots of energy
Must I be like many other MS sufferer and say I lack energy
I love the hot sunshine
MS suffers hate it as they struggle
I'm telling it as it is for me...

I have also read that is normal for someone who is fit and healthy like myself to go through a time where they don't believe they have MS...even my Dr said this is normal...
I have finally after 9 months of being diagnosed with MS and feeling good accepted that I might have it and if this new MRI says I do, I will start the prevention medication ~
This is huge for me!! HUGE.

Do you know that some people have MS symptoms ONCE and never again??

I am a believer that what you think you attract into your life.
I have chosen to think I am healthy and will live a long and healthy life if I take good care of myself...
Is there something wrong with keeping positive.
I spend the first few months after being diagnosed reading books on how to keep myself out of deep depression
How to wake up every day and have positive thoughts
I could have fallen apart
I could have ~ but I have chosen not to
Is that denial???

I would do it all over again....
I would not change one step of this journey so far.
My positive attitude has helped me in many areas of my life not only with being told I have MS

And now after writing this all down
I know that I am the driver of my life
So many people have opinions on other people's lives
I am going to push her comments out of my mind and know she only told me what she did as she cares about me...my health...I just wish she did it with kinder words....

Ben and challenge pics 016
Today I got out of bed and did 180 sit ups, 4 sets of 10 push ups, 4 set of 12 triceps dips and got ready to go across the road to train my neighbor.
Did interval training with cardio for 40 mins, then abs and stretch

Time ~ 57.37 mins
Calories burned ~ 404
HR ~ 96 - 131

I cancelled the afternoon run as its too cold for me and not going to try the Zumba this evening, have many more Tuesday evening to try out this class......

Ben and challenge pics 019

Going to prepare dinner now....
Oven baked veggies with Wild Salmon..

Oh before I go...
Today gets a *tick*


  1. MY OPINION: I think you're VERY MUCH IN TOUCH WITH YOUR M.S.! If you can STRENGTHEN your body/mind by your committed exercise, then you're way ahead of the game. You can COPE with life and it's challenges by staying committed to what is working for YOU - not by what others think is best for you. YOU know YOUR body like no one else. Staying positive in your thinking is NOT ignoring your condition. I love the way you have faced this challenge and, quite frankly, I would do the same. Knowing you have a condition DOESN'T mean you have to succumb to it, surrender to it but rather FIGHT AGAINST IT and FIGHT HARD!!!


  2. Oh boy, thank goodness I haven't had any drama on my blog yet.

    Isn't regular exercise good for MS? I find you committed and focused, not obsessed. Obsession is different from one person to the next. Maybe an hour per day would be obsessive to your commenter, but 6 hours a day obsessive to you.

  3. BTW - you'd run in cold weather if you were obsessed! Get yourself some winter training gear! :)

  4. Hi Marcelle,
    sorry you had to endure that type of comment. I can tell you that I have never come across someone who has accepted this type of "news" that has done it with such dignity and fight. I know at first you were really upset about the diagnosis, and in all fairness you had every right, but you are a fighter. You wanted and continue to try and live a balanced healthy lifestyle. You have taken all the "toxins" out of your life and have not let it rule you. I admire your strength and never once did I think you were in denial.
    Having said that I am glad that you are doing ahead with the MRI because I don't think that this is something that can be ignored. I know you are feeling well and strong but the test may tell otherwise, even if you do continue doing what you are doing which is fighting to be as normal as possible.
    I know that you have a strong drive and what ever the test tell you you will adjust. If it is bad news (I know in my heart it will not be) then at that time you may need to "adjust" a little. But in no way should a diagnosis like yours be reason to give up on life, something that you have not done. Like I said I admire your strength and drive.
    So sorry you had to go through a comment like that, some people really should think before they write. I don't know you personally but I do know that you are nor have you ever been in denial!
    hugs from COLD Canada Marcelle!

  5. I have given my friend permission to post our conversation in the comments section as she feels I have only taken a few of her words so does not represent our whole conversation.
    I hope once she has placed it here that we can both put this situation behind us.

  6. Marcelle I am not sugar coating this at all. I do not think you are obsessive, but rather very driven. Obsessive (to me) means that you CAN NOT miss a workout, you CAN NOT vary your schedule, you CAN NOT eat outside of a very strict diet. There are some bloggers out there that I do feel are obsessed, but you are not one of them. One hour a day is NOT overkill, I believe it is ideal and something we should all strive for. Some days you don't feel like a tough workout and you go for a walk. That is essentially a rest day. Who says you have to rest on your laurels for it to be a rest day. I wish I had more time in my day to be as active as you. Actually, I typically do have an hour a day of exercise even with full time work, kids and the whole bit. If I didn't have these committments, I would dedicate more of the day to being active ... because I enjoy it. I enjoy going on 2-3+ hour bike rides, 2+ hour hikes, multiple fitness classes, running. That is FUN for me and I am far from obsessed. You enjoy what you do, so why shouldn't you do it.

    I think at one point (in the beginning) you may have been in denial about your MS, but you have come to terms with that. If you were truly in denial you would not be seing a Dr, you would not be having another MRI, you would not even consider taking preventative medication. You are living positively, and keeping your options open - all while living a healthy, active lifestyle. Admittedly I do not know much about MS, but it seems that with many conditions, regular exercise and a positive outlook are some of the best things you can do for yourself.

  7. Honestly I don't think you are in denial. Everybody who knows you for a while you were training with the same intensity as you do now before you got diagnosed with MS. This month you're training a bit more because of the challenge but you know your limits.

    Everyone I know who is or has been ill was told to keep moving and that's what you do.

    My mother has instability in her legs and often her legs hurt but her doctor tells her she has to keep moving. So she walks every Monday with friends for an hour and gets on her hometrainer every day, sometimes only for 5 minutes but she keeps moving. At this moment she's not allowed to walk on her Mondays but she has to keep training on her hometrainer and she does.

    We've talked a lot about intensity of training and I can't workout for an hour every day because of work. But if I didn't have a job I'd probably workout for an hour a day too for at least 5 days a week.

    I think you are strong in handling your MS diagnosis and very positive and that's what's keep you going and working out is a way for you to relief stress.

    So keep on doing it my friend, do what's right for you.

    I know you're off to bed now and wish you sweet dreams. Chat to you tomorrow.


  8. Just to let everyone know that it was ME who sent Marcelle those comments and yes, she only used parts of my mail that I sent to her (which is a little one sided) and it all started with me teasing her about a spelling mistake. I still stand by what I said...I am no expert on MS...but the body must rest as well as exercise. You don't have to be an expert on fitness to know that.
    I AM concerned for her... it was not as if I was attacking her. So instead of remaining anonymous...everyone can see who I am and judge me if you wish. I never for one moment thought that my innocent comment about a word incorrectly spelt would result in so much animosity. From me this subject is now closed.

  9. I don't think you are obsessed. I do think you should allow one day to rest a week (after the challenge is over) but that is all. If you truly have MS then you don't want to over do it. I only say this bc I see how over doing it affects my dad. I have lived with MS in my house. Not sure if the other blogger has. I do think all the exercise you are doing will help you with it. You are keeping your mind, body & soul healthy and that is a great thing.

    Keep being you. Your body will tell you what it craves and needs and I know you will listen. You have always been good at that. If it needs a day you give it one. There for you have nothing to worry about. Obsession does not have a day off.

  10. I am so glad you put the link to this blog on the top right hand side of your other one! It was so easy for lazy me to click and - Wow! - a fab new blog was waiting. I love it!

    With regard to your blogger friend's comments, I can understand why you are upset. It hurts to get a personal "attack". All I can say is use it or don't use it, and if you decide it has no validity (only you know what is right for you) then try and move on from it and eventually the sting will fade. When I read blogs I am aware that the writers are usually putting their inner selves on the line and I therefore try not to judge anyone. It is a priviledge to be a part of their lives. We all do or say things at times that others might think are not what they would do or say, but that is what makes us all different and all special and precious in our own way.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts.
    Lots of love.

  11. Obessed! Oh my. I would say you are taking control of your health! You have MS you know you have MS. No matter what type of illness you have your body can fight better if it is healthy! Continue to put your health as a priority. Continue to fight to stay healthy! It is your body and you know what it needs!!
    I work out at least a hour a day, work around 10 hours a day and still do everything else. Obsessed?? This comment is usually from someone who doesn't work out, doesn't eat right and would simply give up with the diagnose of MS!! Keep up the fight!