Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Thursday * Tick*

Didn't weigh in going to weigh in tomorrow
After seeing my gain yesterday I don't want to experience those feeling of de-motivation as I am feeling so good...full of energy ~ want to enjoy the happy upbeat feelings rather than focus on what the scale says....cause I know I am doing E~~VERYthing right.
That lecture you all gave me a few weeks ago is working....
I'm not focusing on a number but rather how I feel and look in my clothes.

Today I went next door to personal train my neighbor, I was in the mood for a hard workout. I had watch Bob Harpers video challenges and read the magazine that Bekki sent me so decided after the warm up of 10 minutes to mix it all up into sets....after 30 mins I said...Okay now for 10 mins of high impact cardio....when we finished that we did Pilate abs workout...and then finally a stretch and cool down.
Was a great calorie burner as well
Did 58 mins
Burned 596 calories
HR 115 - 143

In the morning when I woke up I did the group challenge...
200 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups and lots of forward, back and side lunges...

This is my 20th day without a break and 16 days without treats...

I could feel my shoulders and Abs are so much stronger from doing the group challenge daily...even when doing the Pilate's abs today I could feel it...I could hold it for so much longer without feeling the pain...I feel motivated as I can notice an improvement in my muscle strength.....worth continuing..
This evening I have an hour class to more working out awaiting me...

Flaxseed oil
How do you take it?
I have for the last two days taken a tsp full in the morning...
Grossssssss ~ the taste in your mouth leaves quickly if you drink water straight afterwards.

My neighbor and I have planned to do a short run tomorrow morning as its a busy weekend for us both ~ Pray it does not rain as that will be the only reason we don't go out...
I need to see where I can fit in my 25 mins on Saturday, the only day I cant plan as yet...

So that means ....Thursday gets a *tick* :) :) :)


  1. you are doing so great Marcelle, good for you! and those abs lady, I would kill for them!
    Stay off the scale, they make you cry and are good for nothing ;-)

  2. You look great!

    I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow (new batteries in the scale) and after that I go back to weighing once a week on Thursday. I'm frustrated of the little gain or lose every day. But you know what I mean, we've talked about this.

    Great workout! I need to pickup the situps challenge I did again and after that I want to continue with the pushups. I suck at pushups, I do them girlie style and I want to do full push ups.

    Fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow morning!

  3. I've never taken flaxseed oil (should, but don't ... I try to use the ground seeds in foods often though), but I have heard of others mixing it in their yoghurt or juice. Also you can use it with salad dressing (like olive oil). But don't cook with it or you can destroy it's properties. I think you can get it in capsule form as well which would be more palateable

  4. PS ... I left you a blog award.

  5. I don't know where you find your motivation to be so active! Way to go!

  6. I'd use flaxseed oil as I would other oil. Make a salad dressing with it, add some herbs and dunk my bread in it. I was going to say sautee with it but I see someone said not to heat it...oops!

  7. I haven't used the oil either. I sprinkle flax seeds on my cereal and salads, grind them up and put them in my yogurt and smoothies. They keep me regular!

  8. I want your stomach!!!!!!

    Flax...I use ground flax- in and on everything...even those ``fat free cinnamon buns``