Monday, October 18, 2010 week to Cape Town

Yesterday after the 10 km run ( 6 miles ) Hubby suggest we go off to the ski resort for coffee and cake....I agreed as in my mind I thought...I can take photographs!!!
While walking around Hubby told me he wanted his own slice of cake and not share with me as I usually ask him to do...I said that was I ordered a coffee, asked if I could have honey to sweeten my coffee instead of sugar, and ordered a slice of Cheese cake. When the cake arrived it was a big piece...a big square piece of I immediately cut it in half and only ate half with my coffee and asked for a *doggie bag * to take the rest home. German's of course have no idea what a * doggie bag * was, hubby came to my rescue and explained...
So yesterday I ate half the cheese cake and today I ate the other half!!

( not clean eating, but every now and again and portion controlled it should be okay )

Today I had so much ironing to do...that kept me busy for most of the day...once I was finished I did 250 sit ups, 40 tricep dips and 20 push ups before going upstairs to set up my stationary bike for a workout. I set out wanting to do 30 mins at a low intensity ~ put on the Biggest Loser *Couple* that I record every morning and watched while I cycled...did 45 mins in total.

I burned 525 calories
50% fat
HR 105 - 115
Besides the half a slice of cheese cake I have eaten well today,...
Tonight for dinner ( will be preparing after this entry gets posted ) we will be having Salmon, peas and toss salad.....

Today in one week I board the plane that will take me to Cape Town for 56 days with my children, grandchildren, family and friends...
I leave my hubby behind and that makes me very sad...


  1. I know exactly how you feel, although I'm only gone for 2 weeks, I am leaving my children behind, it's hard to get excited knowing I am leaving them.

  2. Omg, I'm so glad that I found you through Syl's website. You look so good! I became a follower today :) Also you're visiting your grandchildren? You look so young!

  3. What a great exercise! Dinner sounds yummy(minus the I know u will have a blast with your family.

  4. It's getting so close now :)

    A doggy bag is not very common in Europe so I can understand they didn't know what you meant. I never ask for a doggy bag, I either eat it all or leave the other half on the plate.

  5. Going on vacation without hubby do sound sad. But I'm sure you're going to have the time of your life with your family here.

  6. In a way I love that youll be sad.
    Id be the same way and yet it makes me sad how many of my friends wouldnt be.
    would adore the time away from their spouse.

    we married well :)

    have funfunfun!


  7. I love Salmon- Yum! Your trip is getting so close! Will you be blogging while you're away? I love to see the photos.

  8. mmmm I love any seafood. Very healthy choice. Wow 56 days away!! As much fun as it will be, I understand how hard it is being away from hubby. Enjoy your visit. You'll have to help cook some fun healthy meals while you're visiting.