Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday ~ Hair cut

This was me on Sunday, in desperate need of a hair cut and color.
Amazing how hair can effect how one feels about yourself.
When my hair is untidy and not in good shape ~ it looks okay the day I wash it, but after that its looks terrible, which makes me feel bad about myself...
Today I went to the hairdresser!!

I had my hair styled, shorter and blonder than what I've had it the last year or so...
I'm happy with it...I always feel the hairdresser gives me all her attention and never rushers me, I feel free make suggestions as she goes along...and she always does as I ask...
Not sure what my hubby will say
My man met me with long hair...the only time in my adult life I had long hair and slowly over the last 6 years I have cut it shorter and shorter to the way I used to wear it, the what I feel is me....
Oh well, he gets a new wife today!!! :)
As I am not weighing myself I am always checking my clothing, my ring, my watch etc to see if I have gained weight...Gaining weight again is not on my agenda of things to do in my lifetime!! So when I saw these photo's that I took of myself a little earlier the first thing that went through my mind was * Okay....face still looks okay, cant see any weight gained there * I didn't look for the lines and wrinkles like before, I only wanted to see if I had gained weight...
I'm not training today.....
I woke up this morning sneezing and feeling a little off, so taking it slow...
I am not sick...Sarah is sick, gosh you should hear her coughing and splatting over the phone when I called her today. I will see how I feel tomorrow and decide then if to train at low intensity ~ the afternoon I have a photography job at a hotel down the road..
My last job before I go.

Dinner tonight ( busy cooking ) is
Turkey mince
Whole wheat pasta
Roast oven veg
And a small salad as my hubby loves his salad at dinner time whereas I love my veggies.


  1. He's one lucky Bastid,,, Looks great !

  2. looks great Marcelle, short hair really suits you.

  3. Ou ou ou!!! LOVE IT! Ya hot mama you!

    Gorgeous! I hope you feel like a million bucks today.. well minus the sneezes :)

    Hugs.. Amy

  4. Always LOVE your haircuts - so cute - I love that style!

  5. Looking good Marcelle. A good haircut always makes you feel good. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. I am sure your hubby loves your new haircut!You looks very beautiful,MArcy!

  7. I have read your blog many times but never commented...I don't think anyway...but I was just reading back and noticed that you are a clean eating woman now! Congratulations on the switch over!!

    I love the hair cut and colour!

  8. Love the new look!!! Very refreshing! I am hoping this cold goes away soon as I was told by the doc. there is nothing they can give me and the average it is lasting here is 4 weeks. That is way to long.

  9. You look marvelous! I love that you're measuring yourself in other ways than the scale!

  10. It looks good on you Marcy, you look hot! I can't imagine hubby wouldn't have like it.

    Hope you feel better today and if not don't overdo it and take another day of rest.


  11. Beeeuuutiful dahling!
    And rest!

  12. I like the haircut. Snazzy and sexy :)
    Sorry to hear that you're not feeling so well but happy to hear that you're taking it slow then.

  13. Beautiful. You look gorgeous and definately no weight gain.

    You look divine. Hope Hubby liked!

  14. Love the blonder hair - very cute! I posted the tofu recipes for you on my blog yesterday, hope you enjoy.

  15. love the hair girl! and take it easy on yourself, lots of tea and relaxing, your body will thank you and you'll come back stronger !

  16. WOW! This is great and so stylish! I like the lighter tint. You're so right, a new 'do' is a great way to have a little boost.