Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday's update

I've been continuing with the NO sugar in my eating plan....
As I said before....this is very much the way I eat....and did learn a few things with this challenge so am  happy to continue eating this way....

So far this year I have lived without Gluten, Grains and Processed foods
Always been aware of sugar...but now even more than before.
This year I have learned a lot regarding foods that are healthy for one's body.

No, its not been a struggle
No, I have no cravings

Its a choice I made in October last year ( nearly one whole year ago )
Because I chose this lifestyle, and was not told I cant have certain foods anymore
I think it why I am managing without struggles to do this.

I have run a lot more this week as our weather has been so good.
Monday - 10km
Tuesday - 9.78km
Thursday - 10km

I have taught 3 classes so far and have one this evening so that takes me to 4 classes this week.

Am not sure if I can run tomorrow as I have a photo shoot in the morning and its suppose to rain at some point.
The weekend I wont be training as got the yearly South African Braai in Frankfurt and Soccer photo's on Sunday....

Am happy with my training this week and my weight is 61kg's

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 50/50 is the last day of the 50days no sugar challenge.
I can say I did it between 90 and 95% for the 50days.

I did have white dry wine on a Friday and Saturday night....
2 glasses the most.
I did have 2 TSP of Organic Ice cream earlier this week...
But with eating the ice cream I still stay within 30g of sugar allowed.
And that was where I feel I was not on plan 100% as the plan suggest NO alcohol for the 50 days.

Today I broke free.....and am okay with it cause tomorrow I will be back to my usual eating staying within my 30gs of sugar a day.

When I woke this morning I ate a Banana....14g's of sugar
I was going for a 8km run with my friends and didnt want to eat a big breakfast before...
Then I came home and later ate breakfast and see the new Greek yogurt I bought says that it has 4.9g of sugar per 100g....which is fine...but tub is 200g's and the sugar is 9.8g's
Thats's 24g's of sugar
Then hubby said...* LETS WALK TO TOWN FOR AN ICE CREAM *
I said * YES *
it was 38 degrees outside...we were lying in the sun all day...and I was HOT.
WE walked down...
I ordered a scoop of yogurt ice cream and Lemon ice cream
So had two scoops of what I thought would have the lower levels of sugar...
So know with the ice cream I am over the 30g of sugar on my last day.

I lost the 3kg's I gained.
Since that loss I have maintained my weight at 62kg's...
I am satisfied with the weight I am ...
I remember at 40 weighing 72kg's...
So 62kgs at 50.....I like!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.