As you all know, I am training to get fit and living more healthier to lose weight and in my quest to accomplish this. I have Marchelle who helps me through this journey. I am accountable to her.

Marchelle heard of me wanting to lose weight and so she offered her help and advice. She is living in Germany and via Skype, her group: Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle and logging of my exercise via Dailymile, she keeps track of me.

Marchelle also explains on her blog about how she is currently in hospital getting prevention medication for her MS (lesions on the brain) and how she is still exercising in the hospital.

She is still doing her morning jog outside the hospital, jogged up flights of stairs, and doing sit-ups and push-ups. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?

She’s also taking her own food to hospital to stay on track and not eat the hospital food.

She is such an inspiration by staying possitve through this. By exercising while being in hospital. By eating her own food and staying on track.

People, I want to be like her.

I want to lose the weight, exercise and help others in achieving the same. I want to be as possitive about life as she is. I want to be possitive like her through this kinds of tough times in life.

Marchelle, I want to be like you.