Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday...In Hospital.

So here I the fit hospital...wondering why I am I feel so good...
The sad truth is things are happening inside my body that are beyond my control..
All I can do from now on is keep eating clean...and take the new treatment and believe I will be okay....
I didn't sleep well last night, I can only put it down to coffee I had too late as I was not feeling nervous about today...I felt at peace that I was doing the right thing for me..
At 3am I got up and read my Woman's runner magazine....
4.30 am I got up and went back to bed....but tossed and turned, dosed off and woke up.
Felt frustrated as I know sleep is so good for one and I was missing out on mine.

When hubby told me he wanted to leave home at 10am as I had to book in by 11am I said...I need to train there I was at 8am before my shower...doing 250 sit ups and 4 sets of 8 proper push ups...After shower and packing in the last few things I packed my foods into a cooler bag,and off I went...
I had decided to take today off as I had a good run yesterday....
but had I known I was not going to be seeing to today I would have gone out for a walk as it was a perfect Autumns day...I stayed in my room waiting for the Professor to come....all day I waited!
I had my muesli and yogurt, flaxseed and fruit for breakfast at home...
In hospital hubby brought me a lovely fresh Rye bread roll which I had with peanut butter and an apple.
Later I had a banana and nuts
Hubby brought me roasted veggies with Turkey mince for dinner...

I said NO to their meals today....

This evening hubby and I took a walk down the road to the shop as I wanted plain bubble free water...the hospital only has the bubble one...I then took the stairs up to my ward...and boy was I out of breath when I got to the top...

Tomorrow I have to find out what time the Dr is seeing me, what time I will be getting my injection as not going on cortisone anymore as I am MS symptom will start with MS prevention medication immediately ~ I need lessons on how to inject want to go for a walk tomorrow and climb those stairs for at least an hour...told the old lady in my room I will be doing fitness in the morning so she must not worry when she sees me doing funny things in the room or on my bed....hehehehe


  1. Must be frustrating to sit there and wait while nothing really happens. I hope they start your treatment soon and that you can go home soon.

  2. THINK "Home Sweet Home" and before you know it - you'll be back!

  3. I'm laughing at what that other lady is going to expect...funny things in your bed!

    Sending healthy vibes still.

  4. I would love to see the look on the ladys face had you not told her what was up and just started exercising. I bet it would of been priceless. Great job on the meals. Glad to hear your husband is taking care of you!

  5. It so great that you were organized (and able) to bring in most of your own food. Hospital food is generally horrible. Funny that they only have the bubble water there. I was talking with my boss the other day and he travels to Chile alot and said it is almost aways bubble water there, hard to find regular. I don't like the bubble stuff either.

    Hope your stay is short. :)

  6. Great Job on getting in your work out!! How nice to go for walk with hubby too!!
    Who knows maybe the woman next to you will join you for morning exercises?LOL

  7. Your last sentence made me LOL! I bet she would've known what in the world was going on!! :)

    Hope it's a short stay for you! You're doing so well.

  8. You go girl! Maybe you'll even inspire the old lady to start exercising :)

  9. Great job on sticking to your exercise and healthy eating in the hospital!