Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week while in hospital my neighbor went and bought me two new winter running tops and a head band to keep my ears warm...I got this pamphlet on Sunday and saw that the gear was available in the shops on Monday, the day I was being booked I called my neighbor and asked her if she would please go to the shops for me...which she did...and bought herself a few tops as well. I know I'm going to struggle coming back from my Cape Town trip where I will be running in hot sunshine for 56 days to freezing cold making sure I have my gear ready so I dont have any excuse.
This morning when I woke I felt as if I was coming down with flu...the whole day my energy was low and I felt tired, yet I had a very good nights sleep...
I told Hubby I would take my camera and do the 10km route while he cycles...that way I still burn calories, but not pushing my HR up too high.
About 3 hours later I got a sms from my neighbor asking if I would do a short run with her at 4.30pm today....
I said YES..

I struggled from the start, at no point did I feel I got into it...
I struggled with my breathing.
Was the worst run I've done in a long time...I hate struggling to breath the way I did today when I ran.
Am happy its over to be honest.

I ran for 38 mins
Did 5.3km's ( 3.2 miles )
Burned 459 calories
HR 122 - 146
Yesterday while doing my weekly shopping I noticed they were selling GOLD FLAXSEEDS and then the normal Flaxseeds that Ive bought since starting the Clean Eating program.
I wonder what the difference is between Gold and the normal...anyone know??


  1. Oh no! That's not good news about the Flu. Hope you feel better soon.
    Sorry, no idea what the difference is between the normal and gold ones.

  2. your body may be telling you to rest, I feel that I can tell by my performance on a run just how tired I am or if I'm pushing myself to much. Hope you feel better soon Marcelle.

  3. I think you should take it easy my friend You probably shouldn't have run today but I'm proud of you that you did even though it wasn't a great one.

    Seems Aldi in Germany and Holland sell the same stuff in the same week. I've bought my running clothes at Aldi too today.

  4. Stay strong & hope you don't get sick!! make sure to take some rest time, that's always key!!

    **Feel better** :)

  5. Hey, I shop a Aldi's. :) I wonder if they have the running stuff here, too.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Have fun at the concert with your daughter!

    Make sure you don't overdo it! I was sick for 2 weeks last time I tried to keep up running while sick!!

  7. When you're sick, rest. Marcy!!!!!!!!!! You'll be stronger for resting. I can't believe the energy I have for running after a day or two of rest.

    I need some winter running jackets...I have some new, fancy winter running pants.

    I wondered the same thing about golden flax seed this week. I got a cool new grinder for my flax seed to put out on the table where the salt grinder used to be!

  8. I've never heard of gold flaxseeds.

    I hope you feel better!

  9. All I know about the flax seed is the man that runs the health foos store told me gold is better I just read this...A: The nutritional value of golden flax seed vs. brown flax seed are very similar if the samples are of the same quality. I mention quality because it is very important in determining the omega 3 content and overall nutritional value. A high quality flaxseed whether golden or brown will accomplish the same, although we have found most people prefer the nutty-buttery flavor of our golden flax seed over the brown flax seed.

  10. I am going to buy some of the stuff you mentioned in my email after I move next week. Right now I am trying to not buy much since I have to move all the food myself. Went to the Rewe in Berlin and lets just say if we had one here the size they did with the selection they do I would do all my shopping there. It was amazing.!