Thursday, October 7, 2010


I haven't photographed my foods since Tuesday and now when I want to post a pic of food or something to do with healthy lifestyle I can't find any as all that I've taken I have already shown here is me...doing what I love doing besides training....PHOTOGRAPHY.
Yesterday while running along the route to the Castle I told myself I have to go back but this time for a long 10km walk with my camera as the beauty outside is amazing along the trial routes. I run through all the leaves that have fallen on the ground, its really breathtaking...
Will be doing that route tomorrow morning with my neighbor but without the camera!

This morning I went next door and trained my neighbor..she is losing more weight...she says she is not dieting but following the healthy eating plan but still the weight keeps coming lucky can some one be...
She has now lost 12 kg's ~ 26,5 lbs and is now weighing 57.6 ~ 127lbs.

Anyway we did a 10 min warm up....then Low Impact movement into cardio...then squats..oh boy did we do squats...forward, side, back..with lifted knee bringing in the abs as butt felt it as I walked home...but of course we first ended with a good stretch.

Time ~ 56 mins
Calories Burned ~ 564
HR ~ 114 136

I'm really happy how I have managed to adjust my lifestyle to only clean eating.
I am enjoying the small changes I have made since reading Tosco's book and now am looking forward to the next one which still is not available on Amazon.UK..
I know when I go home to Cape Town in 17 days time for 56 days ~ I will find it a little struggle
but am going to make sure I keep to the Clean Eating as much as possible.
I do buy most of my own foods when there so I know I will have quite a bit of control in that area.

I am one month and 7 days treat free!!
And have trained everyday besides the one day for the last 42 days....


  1. Marcy, you are doing AWESOME!! And kudos to you on eating clean! It's something I strive for, but I don't think I will ever be 100% clean, but close!

  2. Marcy -
    I got Tosca's NEW BOOK in the mail two days ago! It's GREAT/AMAZING! Haven't been able to get my nose out of it! Anyway, maybe it's not available to Europe yet?!

    Congrats on NO TREATS for that long - now, that's what I would have a hard time with - I need one once a day (low cal/low fat) but something!

  3. You are doing great, Marcelle. Keep it going!
    So jealous of you that you have been treat free for so many days. You once said to me that it is all about mind set.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I thought you were going to add rest days :lol: only one in 42 isn't much :)

    Happy for you that you added clean eating into your lifestyle and you enjoy it so much.

  5. Have to say it again- you are amazing!
    I love my Eat Clean Recipe Book...think I am going to make the carrot cake today:))

    I am so excited you will get to see your family soon!!!!!