Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday ~ painful run!

Today while out shopping I bought another slab of chocolate after leaving the last one I bought to celebrate the end of being treat free for a month....I have enjoyed 3 blocks...and now feel satisfied...I don't think after being treat free for so long that I will fall back into the habit of eating chocolate daily like I used to.
I am wanting to EAT CLEAN and know that the sugar... as the chocolate is organic, they call it RAW sugar ( sugar is sugar ) is something I have to be careful of.

While shopping today I also came across these shoe refreshers...
Now my running shoes need this badly...
So lets hope they do the job they say they do.
At 11am today my neighbor came over for our planned run...
WE decided on the Castle Trail Route as it's a route we both enjoy.
Instead of doing the 10km ( 6.21 miles ) route we decided to shorten it...

My legs felt so tired from all the lunges and squats we did in our PT workout yesterday...I have been struggling to walk up and down the stairs..when I sit and then stand I am in such pain, so thought a run would do them good....It took me till about the 5km ( 3 miles ) mark to feel my muscles loosen up, only then could I run comfortably. I told my neighbor who likes to push at the end that she was welcome to go ahead of me, as I wanted to run at my comfortable pace till the end.
She went off and then we hit a hill where she walked at such a slow pace that I pasted her and got to the finish before her...but then I do have to consider she has been suffering with a nasty cough all week so didn't have her usual stamina....
I know if she was feeling herself I would have been left in her dust.

Ran 7.63km ( 4.74 miles )
Time 58 mins
Calories burned ~ 736
HR 126 - 168

Have not done my sit up's the last two days...
Did the push ups yesterday but not today....
Will get back into this routine, amazing how two days in hospital has put me off my routine.


  1. Thanks, Mary! That means a lot coming from you!

  2. Marcy* missed a letter there.

  3. Being off course is a bit expected after all you have been through. I must confess, I have been having my square of organic chocolate since Oct.

  4. I don't eat organic chocolate but I do eat the very dark kind because I have enough at one piece. I prefer the dark ones before the lighter ones too.

    Funny that you bought this at tchibo, I've bought some running stuff online at their shop. Good quality for less money.

  5. Crap: I remembered that I didn't get an email from tchibo for a while. Appears the closed the webshop for Holland and I can see on the German site they have cool running outfits this week.

  6. Hey girl: check out my blog for the virtual pink dress run. You have to participate, won't take no for an answer :)

  7. I have been off my routine since helping m,y friends move so I think that you only being off this little bit is good. Great calorie burn though!!