Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reporting in.....Sunday

Hubby took the first two pics of me last night while I did my 37 mins training session...
He was watching Rugby...The South African teams, while I stood on the side doing my workout.
When it came to the push up he said * Drop your butt lower its too high *
I said..* Cant be as I am making sure my body is flat and squeezing my glutes before I do my push ups *...
so I suggested he take photo's for me to see how high my butt is when I do my push ups...
I think they look fine...of course after taking the pics he said
* No your butt was better this time
*!!! That's all I can say....

This morning I set my alarm for 8am...was awake before then as I cannot sleep late like I used to ~ Back in my 30's I could sleep a day away...but not anymore. Once my eyes are open I want to sit up, read, or watch tv, get up...I cant go back to sleep...
I wanted to eat my breakfast an hour before my run as I hate running too soon after eating ~ I feel as if something is weighing me down and cant get going...
At 9.30am the girls and I all met for our run..I asked Hubby to take OUR WINTER GROUP PHOTO before we started as I have one of us in our summer as its a lot colder we are all in our winter running gear. I have a short sleeve top under my long sleeves as within 10 mins I take the long sleeve top off and run in my short sleeve one...I cant run when I feel like I'm over heating...besides the lady standing next to me in the photo who also took her top off, the others ran all the way ( and the sun was shining ) with their long sleeves on.
( nothing wrong with running with long sleeves on in the hot sun, its just me who doesn't like doing it as I over heat...Menopause!! )
I sensed from the minute we got together that the girls were tired...only the one ( marathon runner ~ 2nd from the left ) and I felt good...the rest were dragging behind and it was written all over their faces that they would prefer to be at home than doing marathon runner and myself walked ahead and broke out into a jog within the first 5 mins....the rest followed but moaned and groaned as they thought we had started to run too early....we ignored, but kept a slow running pace going...Every now and again I would hear....* Can we walk now * and I would say....Yes, but first we run to that tree, or there where the sun starts to shine on the road, or something sort of goal a little further that they could push the 4km mark I could sense the girls were falling behind and marathon runner and I were too far ahead...she decided to go back to see if they were okay and I said...
I did 11km ~ ( 6.8 miles ) in 1 hour and 18 mins....could have done better had I not walked and ran slowly the first 4km ( 2.4 miles ) but Sunday is normally group day so its okay.
I burned a whopping 1064 calories
HR 130 - 159

My weeks results

7 workouts
Burned 4309 calories
Ran 28 km ( 17.3 miles )
2x PT sessions
2x Home workouts

Now am packing my bags for hospital...
I have packed gym wear in for 3 days as tomorrow I won't have time to train as will be settling in and starting my first doze of cortisone and talking to the DR about my up's and down's I have experienced with their aftercare services regarding myself...

My plan while in hospital will be to do abs while lying on the bed....
I will be walking the 9 floors of steps ~ need to see what time my treatment is daily and work it out from there...but 2x a day at least for 30 mins
I plan to do lunges on the steps, while no one else uses the steps as don't want to appear as some crazy fitness fanatic.

I am taking my computer along, and camera
Will be updating both my blogs daily and sharing photo's
So keep coming to visit me...

3 October and STILL TREAT FREE...


  1. I'm in awe that you can do pushups on such a hard surface, I do girly pushups but I am building resistence, maybe one day!
    I hope your hospital stay goes quickly for you Marcelle, just keep thinking of going home and that should get you through.
    Good luck with everything, and I'm so glad that you are going to be updating us.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Ah,let them think you're a fitness nut! You are and it is saving your life! Amazing on the treat free. I will send you some issues of the Clean Eating magazine if you FB message me your mailing address. xxxx

  3. I'll keep in touch while you're in hospital.

    I can't get over how much that second woman from the left in the first group pic looks like my sister in law. I realy wonder if they could be related. I'll have to find out Louisa's maiden name.

    Stay strong. Sending healthy vibes.

  4. Don't work out too much at the Hospital! They may give you a job in the Physical Therapy department. Hope all goes well with your treatments (cortisone?).

  5. Well done on the run, sometimes you just have to choose for yourself and go for it.

    I can't do full push ups, I do the girly ones :lol:

    To be honest I expected a bit a mention from you on one of your blogs about the gift you finally received :) Did you like it or haven't you tried it yet?

    Good luck tomorrow, we'll stay in contact.


  6. I feel so lazy after I read you blog.. lol I was thinking about trying to do push ups off of the stairs when we move into the house. I really can't wait until then. I already know where to run that is traffic free. I see this as a new challenge bc I have more resources. Now it will be time to put them to work!!

    I will be thinking about u tomorrow.

  7. But We love Crazy fitness fanatics....I want you to know I am praying and will be checking

  8. Wow on being treat free till date. That is amazing.
    Good luck with the hospital and the treatment.
    Those push-ups form look good.