Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday going away but made sure I got my * tick *

Check the nails...check the nails....hahaha
Got on the scale today and my weight is 63.9kg's (140.9lbs )
Now thats a ONE kg loss ( 2.2lbs ) since Tuesday....
So it has to have been the *period* gain...but a period I no longer get....
Very interesting. As going through menopause is a new journey for me I am learning as I go along that although I no longer bleed monthly I do have the same symptoms as before with mood swings, and water gain....Next month I am sure to be a lot kinder to myself.

Saying all this.....I have only lost POINT ONE OF A KILO ( 0.2lbs ) during the two weeks of NO treats and the 30 day challenge.
I do see positive going on's with my body with doing my online group challenge of sit ups, push ups, triceps and lunges daily.
My upper body feels a lot tighter than before the challenge...
Other than that none of the other challenges are showing their effects as yet... on day 21 of my 30 days today...will finish the challenge as see where I end up.

Today did a 6.43 km ( 3.9 miles ) run with mommy my neighbor
Time ~ 50.14 mins
Calories ~ 450
HR ~ 115 - 159

I also did 200 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 8 triceps push ups
4 sets of 12 Triceps dips

S~o my friends, gets a *tick*
Am going to Düsseldorf for a birthday party tonight...a challenge in the food and wine department
Tomorrow going to Koln so will stock up on Weight Watchers products from the UK that we cant get in Germany besides at The English Shop
Saturday evening we attending a neighbors birthday party...another food and drinks challenge
Wish me luck...

Good Thursday * Tick*

Didn't weigh in going to weigh in tomorrow
After seeing my gain yesterday I don't want to experience those feeling of de-motivation as I am feeling so good...full of energy ~ want to enjoy the happy upbeat feelings rather than focus on what the scale says....cause I know I am doing E~~VERYthing right.
That lecture you all gave me a few weeks ago is working....
I'm not focusing on a number but rather how I feel and look in my clothes.

Today I went next door to personal train my neighbor, I was in the mood for a hard workout. I had watch Bob Harpers video challenges and read the magazine that Bekki sent me so decided after the warm up of 10 minutes to mix it all up into sets....after 30 mins I said...Okay now for 10 mins of high impact cardio....when we finished that we did Pilate abs workout...and then finally a stretch and cool down.
Was a great calorie burner as well
Did 58 mins
Burned 596 calories
HR 115 - 143

In the morning when I woke up I did the group challenge...
200 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups and lots of forward, back and side lunges...

This is my 20th day without a break and 16 days without treats...

I could feel my shoulders and Abs are so much stronger from doing the group challenge daily...even when doing the Pilate's abs today I could feel it...I could hold it for so much longer without feeling the pain...I feel motivated as I can notice an improvement in my muscle strength.....worth continuing..
This evening I have an hour class to more working out awaiting me...

Flaxseed oil
How do you take it?
I have for the last two days taken a tsp full in the morning...
Grossssssss ~ the taste in your mouth leaves quickly if you drink water straight afterwards.

My neighbor and I have planned to do a short run tomorrow morning as its a busy weekend for us both ~ Pray it does not rain as that will be the only reason we don't go out...
I need to see where I can fit in my 25 mins on Saturday, the only day I cant plan as yet...

So that means ....Thursday gets a *tick* :) :) :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Wednesday * tick*

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays post..
You all spoke from the heart and I appreciate that..

I weighed myself this morning as its 2 weeks on the 30 day challenge...
I am currently at my 19th day and what did I see on the scale....A huge gain!
I am the heaviest today than I have been in the last year...
Now you can only but guess my first reaction...
WASTING MY TIME...throw in the towel
I have also been treat free for 15 days....
I grabbed my Blackberry and messaged Fran who is my support over this time and told her that I am finished with this challenge, I am counting calories, points, training daily and then this huge gain...I mean in one week I have NEVER had such a big gain ....
Fran's reply to me was that I am building muscle
And I know its my * period time *
So....I am going to hang in there....
Yes I have decided I cant throw in the towel just get....
This morning I did 200 situps, 4 sets of 10 push ups and lunges, forward and backward and that was all....forgot to do my triceps...

I went for a 7.30km run ( 4.5miles ) this afternoon in the was perfect ~ I could wear my strappy top ( like photo below ) and let the sun with its healing power of Vit D soak into my skin...just what the DR ordered.
I ran all the way today ~ even up the horrible steep hills, something I haven't done in a while, but today I felt strong.
Took me 50 mins 39 to run that distance....a huge improvement with me running on my own to running with the other girls....but saying that I do enjoy the company of the other girls.
I burned 500 calories
Heart Rate was high today due to the hills....137 - 173
Okay now know what Almond Butter is and also have added ~Flaxseed oil into my diet...
This evening I'm going to make grilled skinless chicken breast, roasted veg and salad for dinner
Lots of good clean eating...

Before I run off...Wednesday gets a *Tick*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's moans but still gets a *Tick*

Okay am starting off this entry today feeling very annoyed to say the least....
I have been told by a friend ( blogger friend, someone I have never met in person ) that I am obsessed with training and that I need help as I am in denial about my MS situation.

Please get help, are in denial.
I think you have become obsessed with exercise to try and convince all and sundry that you are are fooling yourself, my dear. I just wish you could see that now before its too late.

I would love to hear from the rest of you...
Do you agree with my friend?
Is training one hour a day an obsession??
Is doing a 30 day challenge where I only have to train for 25 mins but chose to do a bit more an obsession?.

"A lot would keep quiet and feed you candy coated words to comfort that is what you crave....I am not like that...I say it as it is."

Fran and I chat about this often and I always tell her that before I moved to Germany I was training 3/4 hours a day so to me one full hour a day is like I am loafing...but I know that one hour is enough so thats what I set aside for myself.
On a Thursday I have to teach two class so do two hours but thats still a lot less that the hours I was doing.
Before the September challenge I was taking between one or two days off a week...
I know the body needs to rest...and recover, I'm highly trained in the fitness field and have 32 years of experience behind me.

I think I touched on obsession last year December when I got to my lowest weight, this friend was supporting me and never said a word then, but now has this to say.

I do feel good...
Must I lie and say I don't
I have lots of energy
Must I be like many other MS sufferer and say I lack energy
I love the hot sunshine
MS suffers hate it as they struggle
I'm telling it as it is for me...

I have also read that is normal for someone who is fit and healthy like myself to go through a time where they don't believe they have MS...even my Dr said this is normal...
I have finally after 9 months of being diagnosed with MS and feeling good accepted that I might have it and if this new MRI says I do, I will start the prevention medication ~
This is huge for me!! HUGE.

Do you know that some people have MS symptoms ONCE and never again??

I am a believer that what you think you attract into your life.
I have chosen to think I am healthy and will live a long and healthy life if I take good care of myself...
Is there something wrong with keeping positive.
I spend the first few months after being diagnosed reading books on how to keep myself out of deep depression
How to wake up every day and have positive thoughts
I could have fallen apart
I could have ~ but I have chosen not to
Is that denial???

I would do it all over again....
I would not change one step of this journey so far.
My positive attitude has helped me in many areas of my life not only with being told I have MS

And now after writing this all down
I know that I am the driver of my life
So many people have opinions on other people's lives
I am going to push her comments out of my mind and know she only told me what she did as she cares about health...I just wish she did it with kinder words....

Ben and challenge pics 016
Today I got out of bed and did 180 sit ups, 4 sets of 10 push ups, 4 set of 12 triceps dips and got ready to go across the road to train my neighbor.
Did interval training with cardio for 40 mins, then abs and stretch

Time ~ 57.37 mins
Calories burned ~ 404
HR ~ 96 - 131

I cancelled the afternoon run as its too cold for me and not going to try the Zumba this evening, have many more Tuesday evening to try out this class......

Ben and challenge pics 019

Going to prepare dinner now....
Oven baked veggies with Wild Salmon..

Oh before I go...
Today gets a *tick*

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday gets a *tick* finally

Today I'm tired an lacking the motivation to move, but my head tells me I have to or the fight takes place between my head and my body all head wins.

Normally I start my day with my push up, sit challenge ~ not day
I did them 30 mins before I was due to meet my neighbor for a 5km run.
So today did 120 sit ups, 4 sets of 10 push ups, attempted triceps but from sitting at the computer my elbow plays up so stop.

My neighbor came over at 4.30pm, we head out for out run in the forest.
First 1.5km (0.9 miles) is all up hill so we power walked
then at the top we ran all the way down till home..
5km (3.10 miles )

My stats for last weeks training are as follows
72km ( 44.7 miles )
7 workouts
4316 calories
27km running ( 16.7miles )
29.6km cycling ( 18.3 miles )
16km elliptical ( 9.9 miles )
2 Personal Training workouts
1 Aerobic class taught.
Google has told me I have used up all my photo now have to buy more waiting for hubby to come back from his workout at gym and do the deal for me...I cannot blog without posting photo's ~ that would kill me...
Its take me nearly 6 years of blogging to use up all my space so I'm happy with having to buy 20 MEGS more.

Besides being tired, running out of photo space..eating more than I should today
Today gets a *tick *

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday *Tick*

It was great to hear I was not the only one totally irritated with my hubby yesterday
~ love it when we can be honest about whats happening instead of always putting on a big smile and front to the rest of the world...
Being honest to me is freeing...
I got it out, moved on and had a great evening yesterday and day with him today.
Am still crazy in love with him...

Last night I got a call from hubby while he and the men were out cycling...
They had decided to BBQ as the weather has been amazing...and would I organize with the other ladies...
So I did and we had such a great time...the only think I overate on...was FRESH RYE BREAD..
Heaven's fresh Rye bread the way the Germans make it is too wonderful for words.
I never ate chips, or chocolate, or ice cream...and I also had no wine..
I only overate on the rye bread.....;)
So am still treats free today
Have been treats free for 12 days now.
And it feels GREAT let me tell you.

This morning I set my alarm for 8am as I wanted to eat Oats for breakfast before heading out at 9.30am for a 10 km run with the girls...After I ate my Oats, which I tried with blueberries and must say I am not in favor of hot breakfast with fruit....nope, not for me, anyway, back to my story...after breakfast I did my 150 sit ups, 40 push ups, 48 triceps dips and 24 forward lunges...stopped there as i thought I might tire my legs out before my run and then what???...

We did a new route today....I enjoyed it but at one point while walking uphill mommy's Heart rate went up so high as there were two very steep hills, she started having difficulty breathing, so I stayed back with her, comforted her till she felt she had her breath back...put my ipod on her so she could listen to music while running as I know that helps and she runs without did help her...towards the end of the route the girls all stopped to walk and I told them I felt good so was going on ahead of them....not long after I went ahead I heard these footsteps behind me, turned around to see who it was and there was mommy...catching up to I slowed down till she caught up to me and we pushed each other to the end...she finished ahead of me ~ I really admire her for how well she coped today and with the power she ended the run.

Ran 10.66
Time ~ 1 hour 20 mins
Burned 970
HR ~ 115 - 168

I have been reading a book I bought two years ago by Bob Harper called * Are You Ready *
Boy do I understand it so much better reading it the 2nd time round with the new understanding I have to Clean Eating and training etc.
One thing I want to ask your opinions on...
Bob says you must eat EVER four hours...never let it go longer than four hours.
Would that mean I wonder.
Breakfast at 8am ~ lunch at 12 ~ Snack at 4pm ~ Dinner at 8pm
Breakfast at 8am, Snack at 11, Lunch at 2pm, Snack at 5, Dinner at 8pm
I always thought eating after 7pm was bad....
So how does someone like me who only starts my breakfast at 8am as I am in bed till 7.30 am do this without eating so late at night...

This is my 16th day of training without a break...
Today gets a *Tick*
All challenges done!!