Friday, May 6, 2011

Fall and straight up again.

Yesterday, the only training I did was teaching a Kettlebell class
I always workout hard when I do a Kettlebell workout, as I love the feeling I get when I do muscle work...

I have noticed something.....and wonder if others feel the same as me.
I find training in the morning, running in the afternoon, a lot easier than training and running after 5pm ~ I feel sluggish when I run at night....takes me a lot longer to get comfortable.
When I train in the morning it usually takes me a good 10 minutes to warm up and feel good, after that I find my comfy zone....
I've noticed when I run on a Sunday morning with the running group, I feel amazing, but when I run with the same group at night, it takes a lot longer and lots of mental positive talking to myself to get myself to finish what I started. I want to train my body to run and feel good at different times of the day and night ~ so at the moment have planned 3x runs for night time ~ I want to be flexible with when I can run...I do think its also a mental situation for me...I found one or two runs harder at night, now have told myself, I'm not a night time runner....the mind is a very powerful tool...and I'm wanting to change my brains way of telling myself I feel good when I run at night...So this is one of my projects right now.
Today ( Friday ) is my rest day for this week....I have a run planned for tomorrow and with it being Mother's Day on Sunday I'm hoping to get out for a run as well....if not with the running group, or hubby, who I think will cycle as the weather is going to be good, I'll get out and run on my own...
My eating plan went well I had oats for breakfast instead of the eggs as according to the 17 DD plan as I need to have the carbs for my run tomorrow and after all am doing it to support my hubby not to lose weight...already my clothes are hanging on me and this is my * thin * clothing, I think due to losing centimeters ( inches ) from Kettlebell, not from losing weight...
Today I woke up feeling very heavy ~ not weight my heart....and while out doing my grocery shopping I ate a few blocks of nut chocolate...not dark chocolate like I normally do when I eat chocolate, but the normal sugar filled stuff...I recognized the signs...EMOTIONAL EATING.
When I got home I put the rest of the slab in the cupboard and ate lunch according to the plan...I decided right there and then, I could continue and keep eating rubbish all day, or get back on plan...I chose to get back on plan!!!
Have a great weekend...Time for my Fruit Fusion Green Tea :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feeling good....feeling motivated

More photo's from our 1 May walk added to this entry...

I had a good training day yesterday.....I'm full of energy ~ one of the reason's I love this 17DD plan as I never feel sluggish, nor do I feel the need for an afternoon snooze!!!
In the morning I did an hours Kettlebell's workout, my favorite workout at the moment as am seeing so many changes to my my muscle tone, especially my abs which really have suffered after gaining and losing weight.
Early evening, hubby and I went out for a 7.55km run....
( time not important, going to stop mentioning the time in which I complete a run on my I think the fact that I go out and run, with MS is an amazing achievement, I don't need time I run a certain distance to get approval that I'm a runner from anyone...
I am a runner! )
I'm starting to get excited about the run on Saturday afternoon...hoping for warmer weather, cause at the moment it's so cold, going out to run is not a pleasure for me when I'm cold...although it takes me 10 mins then I'm all warmed up....
I dislike the feeling of my hands when they so cold.
To think just a week ago we were having the most beautiful warm will return I know...but running out of patience....LOL

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Repeat of Day 2....went well

I've added a few more photo's of our walk last Sunday...1 May
~The last photo is of my hubby who has started to run, the following day after I took this photo, he started the 17 DD ~ and today weighed in at 3.5kg less ( 7.7lbs ) and is feeling so motivated to continue with this new program. I'm really excited for him.
He has 8.8 lbs ( 4 kg's ) to go to reach his goal weight.
I know he is going to get there very soon...and will also love running which is a little of a struggle right now....

Yesterday was my 2nd day of Phase one of 17 DD and it went cravings, nor wanting to snack ~ that's what I love about this plan...I have no cravings and lots of energy...when I eat carbs, I find I want to eat all the time ~ and its a mental fight keeping myself away from the kitchen.
Yesterday I did a upper body Kettlebell workout for 30 mins in the morning....and the evening I went to the next town to teach an aerobic class. I had loads of energy so wanted to go, go, go, but every time I did something besides DANCE aerobics the young girls in the front row would roll their eyes....they hate squats, lunges, or anything that means * hard work* long as they can dance around they happy...but we all know that dancing around does not change the body...and they need changes and 5/8 young girls are very overweight.
Today I was watching The Biggest in Germany ( UK tv ) we are behind America....we seeing a series that has already shown in USA...
Anyway the final four had to run a marathon....and along the route past winners where waiting to join them and motivate them to the end...
I was so disappointed to see that everyone had gained weight...not all their weight lost...but all looked like they had weight to lose themselves and also the new contestants looked thinner than the past winners. They now look so different to the day they stood on the scale and became the winner...even Ali who I thought would never allow herself to gain weight again.
This got me thinking again....why is it that people regain their weight.....regaining my weight is not an option.....this is a day to day journey for me....each day I have to remain focused...each day I have to count calories, and track....I know if I stop thinking about what I eat ~ I will gain my weight back....
I've been maintaining my weight for 18 months now and can honestly say...It feels as if I am on a continual * diet * there will never be a time where I just eat whatever I want to eat again....I will always be aware of portion control and size..
I've made changes in my eating that will never make me go back.
I will never eat diet foods that are filled with aspartame, I will never eat take aways, I will never eat processed foods....these are none negotiable for me ~ and the longer I'm on this journey the more knowledgeable I become about what is good and what is not for me ~
I've discovered that certain carbs make me feel sluggish ~ now I sit trying to decide if I should give them up all together or only eat now and I like the taste of those carbs.
There is always something to consider

I always tell everyone...
This journey has a beginning but NO ending!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fastest time for 5km Trail Run

On Sunday a few of our neighbors, hubby and I did a 8 km walk to the next town to attend a 1st May festival.....The first photo is of our group walking to the Castle ruins.....the other two photo's are of other groups making their way to the cars in sight...was lovely.
Germany looks so beautiful at the moment....
Green with lots of yellow flowers.
Yesterday was a good training day for today am taking it a little easy ~ going to be teaching a class this evening and thats going to be Wednesday is going to be another Monday training wise.
Yesterday morning I did a 45 mins upper body Kettlebell workout....working on defining my triceps, biceps, and shoulders...
At 4pm I did a 5km Trail run with my one neighbor..we normally run it in 40 mins and yesterday was our fastest time of 32 mins....and the first 2.89km is all uphill....we did walk a little the first km...and still did a good time cause on the flats and downhills we moved really fast.
Then came home to prepare dinner and hour later I went out with hubby for a 7.37km run, the first 2km I felt always takes me 15 to 20 mins to get into a the end hubby sprinted and went a lot a head of me to the car...
So all in all...a good day....
My first day on 17 DD went well....ended off eating 1 300 calories...and with all the running and training I did yesterday....I had loads of energy!!
Now off to have my nails done...they looking like claws right now....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Preview of my week

Photo was taken today 1 May by my Hubby during the 4 km walk up to a festival in the next town....we ate cake and had a few Radlars, then we took the 4 km walk back home ~ half an hour later we met up with all our neighbors who also did this walk, for a BBQ!
Its a tradition in the towns around us to walk up to the ruins of a Castle in this one town, on this eat and drink... socialize!
I'm so pleased we were invited as it was a beautiful day and we did something totally different.

My Weeks Review
I did 46 km ( 28.5 miles )
Burned 4741 Calories
Did 9 Workouts
1 Day off
4 Runs = 38 km ( 23.6 miles )
Walked 8 km ( 4.9 miles )
4 Kettlebell workouts.

I'm thrilled, had a really great week with my training.

Tomorrow my Hubby and I start the 17 DD
I have done this before and lost weight, he saw the results on me, so wants to do it 100% to the book, as last time he still had a glass of wine or two, dark chocolate and ice cream and still lost.
So I'm going to be doing it with him to motivate him...
I will add oats to my breakfast on Friday morning as Saturday I do my first official run and am scared that without carbs ( although I was able to run in the past without carbs ) I might struggle...
Its a fear in my head, although I know from experience I had loads of energy on this plan.

I have all our meals ready and prepared for Day 1 tomorrow...;)

So this evening we both had a mini magnum ice cream!!!