Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Repeat of Day 2....went well

I've added a few more photo's of our walk last Sunday...1 May
~The last photo is of my hubby who has started to run, the following day after I took this photo, he started the 17 DD ~ and today weighed in at 3.5kg less ( 7.7lbs ) and is feeling so motivated to continue with this new program. I'm really excited for him.
He has 8.8 lbs ( 4 kg's ) to go to reach his goal weight.
I know he is going to get there very soon...and will also love running which is a little of a struggle right now....

Yesterday was my 2nd day of Phase one of 17 DD and it went cravings, nor wanting to snack ~ that's what I love about this plan...I have no cravings and lots of energy...when I eat carbs, I find I want to eat all the time ~ and its a mental fight keeping myself away from the kitchen.
Yesterday I did a upper body Kettlebell workout for 30 mins in the morning....and the evening I went to the next town to teach an aerobic class. I had loads of energy so wanted to go, go, go, but every time I did something besides DANCE aerobics the young girls in the front row would roll their eyes....they hate squats, lunges, or anything that means * hard work* long as they can dance around they happy...but we all know that dancing around does not change the body...and they need changes and 5/8 young girls are very overweight.
Today I was watching The Biggest in Germany ( UK tv ) we are behind America....we seeing a series that has already shown in USA...
Anyway the final four had to run a marathon....and along the route past winners where waiting to join them and motivate them to the end...
I was so disappointed to see that everyone had gained weight...not all their weight lost...but all looked like they had weight to lose themselves and also the new contestants looked thinner than the past winners. They now look so different to the day they stood on the scale and became the winner...even Ali who I thought would never allow herself to gain weight again.
This got me thinking again....why is it that people regain their weight.....regaining my weight is not an option.....this is a day to day journey for me....each day I have to remain focused...each day I have to count calories, and track....I know if I stop thinking about what I eat ~ I will gain my weight back....
I've been maintaining my weight for 18 months now and can honestly say...It feels as if I am on a continual * diet * there will never be a time where I just eat whatever I want to eat again....I will always be aware of portion control and size..
I've made changes in my eating that will never make me go back.
I will never eat diet foods that are filled with aspartame, I will never eat take aways, I will never eat processed foods....these are none negotiable for me ~ and the longer I'm on this journey the more knowledgeable I become about what is good and what is not for me ~
I've discovered that certain carbs make me feel sluggish ~ now I sit trying to decide if I should give them up all together or only eat now and I like the taste of those carbs.
There is always something to consider

I always tell everyone...
This journey has a beginning but NO ending!


  1. I feel like you. I also KNOW that when I stop thinking about what food I am going to eat each day, I am going to gain weight back. Surely everyone should know this - I wonder if the fact is that they come to a point of which they decide that this is not something they want to do the rest of their lives or that they think that they won't gain it back because they exercise. Or maybe it is because they find it too much work or that every day life is too stressful for them to eat healthy every day. Which ever reason, surely they must know?
    The warm weather looks so nice :(

  2. Your story is very inspiring and you are very right about maintenance. It has to be a lifelong lifestyle change. Nothing else will bring lasting results. I am with you about eating clean. Going back to highly processed foods is just not an option.

    Beautiful walking paths, btw! I wish I had something like that in my area.

  3. I totally agree, people with overweight are sentenced for life I always say because once on goal weight you always will have to pay attention to what you are eating and keep on exercising.

    In Holland they have aired one season of the BL a few years ago but I've read a lot about it on the internet. I'm not a fan of this show. If we all get what they are getting in the weeks that the show lasts we would all lose weight. But it's not real life and that's why I'm not surprised some of them gained again. Also I didn't think it was the brigthest idea to let those 4 finalists run a marathon, read an article about that in the USA version of Runner's World. In my eyes they weren't enough prepared for that. I'm kind of sceptic about this program.

    We also had a show like the BL in Holland with Dutch people. They were in a villa somewhere in Holland and had their meals cooked for them and lots of exercise everyday. They all lost weight, a year later there was a reunion program and only one (in this case the winner) was still on target weight. The rest all gained, some even more than before.

    We all lose weight in our own way and what works best for us but like you say: it has no ending.

    Congrats to hubby, he's going great!

  4. I too will always have to feel as if I am on a diet...I wish not but then if I do that I gain....HUGS

  5. WOW, your hubby lost 7.7 lbs in 1 day. That's crazy. Good to hear he's started running. I love running with my husband (when our schedules allow). He's my favourite running partner.

    Is the blonde in the jean capris your neighbour that you trained after having a baby? If so, she looks fantastic. Well, whoever she is she looks fantastic. :)

    I do like to watch BL, though not as much as I used to. It's great to watch those people lose the weight. But it's not realistic and almost all contestants gain back the weight, and alot of them re-gain ALOT of weight. The show does a great job of getting them to lose, but not nearly enough to help them keep it off. I'd be more inspired by the show if they took more of a long term approach.

    You're so right about weight loss being an everyday thing. There is no end. You have to be committed for life.

  6. I agree with you on maintenance - it is a life long vigil or else we will fall back into our old habits...
    Great that your husband has taken up running!

  7. Love what you have written in your last section. Its so true what u say. Loosing weight, keeping it off and training and being aware of what u put in your body is a life time commitment to yourself and no one else.