Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Start Teaching Today :)

Popping in today to say....I START TEACHING AGAIN THIS WEEK,....
Back to the routine of driving the 30 mins to the other town's sports hall to teach groups of German ladies...In English...
I qualified in Dance during my 18th year...then opened my own studio and taught Modern Dance classes ~ at the age of 27 I was asked if I wanted to qualify as an Aerobic Instructor, a new gym that had just opened, the first of its kind in South Africa and needed Instructors. I jumped at the chance...Did the 6 months course and got myself qualified and started my teaching career...My youngest was 2 when I qualified in Aerobics and she is 24 years old today....so its been 22 years in the fitness industry for me. I qualified in Dance when my eldest was 2 and she is now 34...so thats 32 years that I have been in the teaching profession. How the years add up....scary indeed.
I'm qualified in Dance, Competitive Sports Aerobics, Step Aerobics, High Impact Aerobics, Power Boxing, Pilate's Ball, Spinning, Weights, Power Pump, Dance Aerobics, Low Impact and Pilate's...Now I want to get myself qualified in Zumba and planning on doing the course this year....

Well thats me in a nutshell.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The start of week 3

Week three has began...today wanted to run outdoors to the Castle as thought it would be warmer but it was minus one degrees so decided against running and cycled at home instead. First I did 200 sit ups, then one set ( 10-12 reps ) of burpies, lunges forward, backwards and sideways, triceps dips and push ups. Once that was done I cycled while watching morning TV channel.

Climbing up and down the stairs today I can feel that the muscles in my legs have been worked...been a long time since I did any kind of lunges ~ think October..so guess who is going to be very stiff as this week I start teaching and will be adding lots of toning to my hours class....but have to get going to get myself back to where I was before I went on holiday..fitness wise I can feel a huge improvement...now its getting the muscles back.
While in South Africa I ran out of my usual 5HTP so bought Natural High as it has 5HTP, St John's Wort and a few other things in to lift one's spirit when your feeling down in the dumps. These pills have kicked in as I am feeling so much happier compared to when I arrived back a month ago...taken me a month but now can safely say those down in the dumps feelings are gone and I am filled with the JOY of life again...even this miserable weather cant get to me..summer is around the corner and I look forward to that now.
I cant buy Naturally High in Germany as its a South African product but have ordered my usual 5HTP and this time adding St John's Wort to my list...the combination has been good for me.
I'm reading a book about running that I got before I left for my holiday from my blogger friend who lives in Munich, didn't have the time to read the book when I got it, but now am reading it daily and finding lots of info between the pages for me.
One thing I have seen with reading this book is the following

I run cause I love the feeling it gives me
I run to keep my weight down
I run cause after years and years of telling myself I hated it, I actually have found that I love it...:)

I have no desire to run a race, a marathon, run faster than someone else....

I think its important to know what kind of runner you are as reading other runner's blogs can make you doubt yourself....I have finally seen where I fit in when it comes to running.....and happy with that.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week Two Of January

Two weeks are now gone off the January online group challenge
We are all going into week no 3 ~ Today also is day 15
So far I have kept to the challenge by doing 30 mins a day, 6x a week
I added an extra 15 mins to my week 2 and 100 abs.
I kept to the extra 15 mins BUT only did abs 3x this week ( bad I know )
The first photo with this entry was taken on Saturday morning when Hubby and I were off to gym..
Proof that I am working out :)
The other two photo's I took to show you the coffee I am loving and managing to drink without sugar..
I have this cappuccino when I wake as it has a sweeter taste
Then I have the brands normal coffee at lunch time
and the decaf coffee late afternoon

I know...too much coffee, I put it down to the weather...
During summer months one cup is all I need...

I am also working on getting in 8 glasses of water daily
Have not managed that once, the most has been 6 glasses, again I put it down to the weather as in summer I can drink a lot more than 8 glasses a day.

An update of my last week...~

Monday did 30 mins on Elliptical and 20 mins on treadmill ~ 12.7km

Tuesday ran on treadmill for 50 mins ~ 7km

Wednesday was my one day off

Thursday I cycled at home for 45 mins ~ 21.5km

Friday I ran outdoors as weather was great for 31 mins ~ 5km

Saturday I did an interval workout on the Predor machine for 30 mins ~5km
Then ran on treadmill for 20 mins ~ 3km

Sunday did the normal Elliptical for 56 mins ~ 19.66km

Total of 74km this week
4hrs46 mins I workout out
3645 calories I burned
Did 6 workouts
I have already got the online groups February challenge ready....waiting till it gets closer to Feb to share it with them and here on my blog...remember its not too late to join the group...most of the members say that knowing they belong to the group and that everyone is making an effort to keep up with the challenge motivates them to as well...it sure does keep me motivated as well...