Monday, January 17, 2011

The start of week 3

Week three has wanted to run outdoors to the Castle as thought it would be warmer but it was minus one degrees so decided against running and cycled at home instead. First I did 200 sit ups, then one set ( 10-12 reps ) of burpies, lunges forward, backwards and sideways, triceps dips and push ups. Once that was done I cycled while watching morning TV channel.

Climbing up and down the stairs today I can feel that the muscles in my legs have been worked...been a long time since I did any kind of lunges ~ think guess who is going to be very stiff as this week I start teaching and will be adding lots of toning to my hours class....but have to get going to get myself back to where I was before I went on wise I can feel a huge its getting the muscles back.
While in South Africa I ran out of my usual 5HTP so bought Natural High as it has 5HTP, St John's Wort and a few other things in to lift one's spirit when your feeling down in the dumps. These pills have kicked in as I am feeling so much happier compared to when I arrived back a month ago...taken me a month but now can safely say those down in the dumps feelings are gone and I am filled with the JOY of life again...even this miserable weather cant get to me..summer is around the corner and I look forward to that now.
I cant buy Naturally High in Germany as its a South African product but have ordered my usual 5HTP and this time adding St John's Wort to my list...the combination has been good for me.
I'm reading a book about running that I got before I left for my holiday from my blogger friend who lives in Munich, didn't have the time to read the book when I got it, but now am reading it daily and finding lots of info between the pages for me.
One thing I have seen with reading this book is the following

I run cause I love the feeling it gives me
I run to keep my weight down
I run cause after years and years of telling myself I hated it, I actually have found that I love it...:)

I have no desire to run a race, a marathon, run faster than someone else....

I think its important to know what kind of runner you are as reading other runner's blogs can make you doubt yourself....I have finally seen where I fit in when it comes to running.....and happy with that.


  1. I totally agree with you Marcy. I can get down in the dumps, thinking I'm a useless runner, when I compare myself with other runner's blogs. But, then I remember why I run, which are similar reasons to yours. I want to stay fit, keep my body toned and burn calories!

  2. I think you said it perfect at the end. It is all about why you do what you love, because you want to. Some people do Zumba I think to be it. I do it bc I love it even though I have no coordination. I have started taking my pills again. Is it better to take them at night or day? Or does it matter?

  3. Very true ... it is SO important to know what type of runner you are ... and to learn from and respect runners of all degrees. There are people that are way more driven and serious than me and sometimes I find myself thinking that I need to be more like that. Then I see runners like you and I think I need to just enjoy running for running some more and not be so competitive with myself. But what it boils down to is we are all different and have different drives, goals & desires. You're right, it's about knowing what those items are for you.

    Lunges always get me too. I've been doing them a few days a week lately because my PT said part of the reason for my recent injury was muscle weakness. I'm doing everything I can to avoid going down that road again.

  4. I think everybody has to run for themselves and how they want to do it. I don't look or compare myself to other runners but I do learn from them and I can ask questions if I want to know something. But in the end I run for me, because I like it and I'm not fast, I guess I'm one of the slowest runners of all the blogs I read that are about running. But do I care? No because there are a lot of woman of my age that don't do what I do or what you do. So keep running the way you like it.

  5. Very good workout, you should be very impressed with yourself!
    Just found your blog while blog hopping tonight. I'm a new follower! I'll be back!


  6. Such a good quote and exactly how I feel about running. Yes, agreeing with you on the fact that you have to know what kind of runner you are, when reading other runner's blogs. I too are not a marathoner neither a racing runner. I run because I like it and to get my weight loss in place.