Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week Two Of January

Two weeks are now gone off the January online group challenge
We are all going into week no 3 ~ Today also is day 15
So far I have kept to the challenge by doing 30 mins a day, 6x a week
I added an extra 15 mins to my week 2 and 100 abs.
I kept to the extra 15 mins BUT only did abs 3x this week ( bad I know )
The first photo with this entry was taken on Saturday morning when Hubby and I were off to gym..
Proof that I am working out :)
The other two photo's I took to show you the coffee I am loving and managing to drink without sugar..
I have this cappuccino when I wake as it has a sweeter taste
Then I have the brands normal coffee at lunch time
and the decaf coffee late afternoon

I know...too much coffee, I put it down to the weather...
During summer months one cup is all I need...

I am also working on getting in 8 glasses of water daily
Have not managed that once, the most has been 6 glasses, again I put it down to the weather as in summer I can drink a lot more than 8 glasses a day.

An update of my last week...~

Monday did 30 mins on Elliptical and 20 mins on treadmill ~ 12.7km

Tuesday ran on treadmill for 50 mins ~ 7km

Wednesday was my one day off

Thursday I cycled at home for 45 mins ~ 21.5km

Friday I ran outdoors as weather was great for 31 mins ~ 5km

Saturday I did an interval workout on the Predor machine for 30 mins ~5km
Then ran on treadmill for 20 mins ~ 3km

Sunday did the normal Elliptical for 56 mins ~ 19.66km

Total of 74km this week
4hrs46 mins I workout out
3645 calories I burned
Did 6 workouts
I have already got the online groups February challenge ready....waiting till it gets closer to Feb to share it with them and here on my blog...remember its not too late to join the group...most of the members say that knowing they belong to the group and that everyone is making an effort to keep up with the challenge motivates them to as sure does keep me motivated as well...


  1. You think you drink too much coffee? Girl that's nothing compared to what I drink on a work day :lol: I know too much coffee isn't good for you but I don't really care, I love it too much.
    I've been drinking my coffee without sweeteners since I was 16 and if I get sweeteners in it by accident I throw it away. Such a waste of the coffee to sweeten in.

    I'm always impressed how many km's you make on the elleptical, the times I've used it I don't come even close to what you do. Impressed!

  2. You continually inspire and amaze me. Funny how you think doing only 3 ab workouts in the week is bad! I'm just starting to get into drinking coffee - don't love it yet. I'm more of a tea drinker.

  3. You are amazing with how far you go and how much you do. I'm so inspired by you Marcelle! As for the coffee - well, I'll just say that I do love my coffee! :)

  4. I agree, knowing that one is on a group, keeps me motivated for sure.

  5. As for coffee I love the the German coffee so I know when I move back to the states I will be coffee free again. When you visit you will see Angie has to have a million cups a

    Great job on the workouts. You never really slow down.

  6. Hi Marcelle! You are such an inspiration :) I am on my way to reach my goal... I'll probably need another year (maybe less) before I reach my goal.

    I started working out/exercising last year in April. I was always depressed and hated myself. Anyway, I'm glad I took the first step (always the hardest) and never looked back.

    I hated, hated running with all my guts but one day I told myself to give it a try. I started with walking... then I jogged... I do not know how my legs knew how to run.

    I did my very first 5K in July 31, 2010. Completing the race was such a big achievement for me. I knew if I keep at it, I will succeed. So far I've lost 10kg. Another 10 kg to go... I'm halfway there :D