Thursday, December 23, 2010

Challenge for January 2011

My online group called SEEKING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE has a fitness challenge for January 2011
If you are keen to do this challenge please visit my group and sign up
The rules are as follows.

1. Take a photo of yourself in full length

2. Weigh yourself

3. Come to group and download photo with starting weight for 2011

4. Mention your goal weight you desire

5. Mention your goals to obtain this weight

6. Make a commitment to all on group to share your journey

Your challenge for January 2011 is:

TRAIN FOR 30 MINS A day of rest allowed per week

1. Let me know if you are up for this challenge

2. I want you to blog daily as to what your did for your 30mins each day

Training could be...








Ball workout



Let's start 2011 on the right foot.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update entry

Its been a while since I last updated this blog of mine, reason being...have not trained since I was told to rest until 2nd week in January am doing just that and feeling very unfit I must say...but will hang in there till after Christmas and New Year before hitting the gym as I will not be running in the snow and sludge ~ this is still too foreign for me ~ thankfully I had two extra months of running in the sunshine so not complaining.

Sugar wise I have not been as strict...I am trying to stick to foods without sugar, no sugar in my coffee, but I have had a few blocks of chocolate, my daughter is eating chocolate and ice cream around me, so having to pull out all the stops not to join her whenever she eats these sort of things.
Coming home and having no food in the house was also tough as I ate whatever there was and could not worry too much about sugar...
I am eating one fruit and day and loving it....cant wait till I can have at least two fruits a day...:)

I subscribed to the Oxygen Magazine this excited as I remember from paging though them back in Cape Town that they offered a lot of variety..and thats what I am looking for right now. I feel the Shape no longer satisfies moving on. ( hehehe )

I still want to sit and write down my goals in my personal life for 2011 and when it comes to fitness and financial as well....there are many things I want to do this coming that I know for sure is that I want to do more weight training and run 3x a week instead of daily, I also want to get my photography business off the ground and I want to learn the German language...the other smaller goals I have to give more thought to before I write them down.
Thankfully this coming year I don't have a number I want to reach weight wise, I am satisfied where I am right now but want to tone my body up and make it the best body I can for myself.

When it comes to my MS...I don't want to start medication this to convince everyone else on this is still a battle I have to face, when I mention this to my hubby he freaks and says really nasty things, as I don't have his support in not going the medication route. I want to go the holistic route as I have no symptoms that I live with....but as I said, this area still needs lots of thought.