Thursday, December 23, 2010

Challenge for January 2011

My online group called SEEKING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE has a fitness challenge for January 2011
If you are keen to do this challenge please visit my group and sign up
The rules are as follows.

1. Take a photo of yourself in full length

2. Weigh yourself

3. Come to group and download photo with starting weight for 2011

4. Mention your goal weight you desire

5. Mention your goals to obtain this weight

6. Make a commitment to all on group to share your journey

Your challenge for January 2011 is:

TRAIN FOR 30 MINS A day of rest allowed per week

1. Let me know if you are up for this challenge

2. I want you to blog daily as to what your did for your 30mins each day

Training could be...








Ball workout



Let's start 2011 on the right foot.




  1. I'm here to support you on the challenge and am sure that you are going to do great!

    I won't be participating because I can't promise to blog daily, don't have the time for that. And I promised myself I won't participate in any challenges the first 3 months of 2011 because all I will be focusing on is my half marathon in April. After that I'll see what I'll do.

    But good luck for everybody who's taking the challenge!

  2. Fran ~ challenge is only for those who want to do it, no one is expected, have the ladies on group who will be doing it, just wanted to open it to others as well in case they needed something extr to get them going in the New Year.
    The blogging daily is the same as going over to DailyMile and saying...I did 30 mins of toning today and felt tired...or good, or it was fun, or I hated it.
    Not a blog entry....

  3. Thinking about it. You're so hard core!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a great challenge. One I know I am doing now that I am walking every night but you know how I won't share my weight with anyone but you..Don't you feel

  5. Sarah I feel very lucky and you doing such a GREAT job with losing the weight.

  6. I know it's if you want too. I just wanted to explain why I won't participate. If I wasn't training for my half I would have joined you.

  7. I need this! Ohhh but for the picture.....

  8. This is a GREAT Challenge. I am currently signed up to participate in Sly's challenge. I actually wanted to comment to tell you what wonderful accomplishments you have made in your journey. You are a true inspiration!

  9. About a year ago, I found your old (other?) blog - and then lost touch (it went private). It was a nice surprise to see your comment on someone else's blog; I decided to come for a visit. You are truly an inspiration! I will be joining the challenge for sure!

  10. I know I'm a little late, but can I join now?