Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 14/30

The photo with this entry was my dinner on Tuesday night before going out to teach The Power Ladies.

Yesterday I attended 2x * Sommerfests * both held by the company Hubby works for but in two different area's

I drank only water!!!!!!
I ate tomato with mozzarella cheese, Sauerkraut and grilled chicken
I did have 2 nd helping but no dessert afterwards.

I was offered wine, but as I was driving home later that evening in the pouring rain ( and I don't see as well at night ) I stuck to my water.
This evening I am planning on having a glass of keeping my sugar low today.

Yesterday I did train for an hour
Did skipping for interval cardio
Then did toning with body weight and Kettlebell, ended with an ab workout. my off day from training, but not eating.
Did our grocery shopping for the coming week all set to continue.

Quickly want to shout out to Pixie
* Ur iPad comments are working *

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 13/50

Today is Day 13 of the 50 days NO sugar challenge

First I need to report in after completing the 17 DD yesterday.
I have to remind you that I did not weigh in before the eating plan as I wanted to do this without stressing about a number.
Today as promised I weighed in.
Still heavier than I like to be...but have more days to lose the extra weigh I want off.

1. Weight Watchers Goal weight for me was 64.4kg's
2.  My personal goal weight is 61/62kg's
3.  My current weight is 63.2kg's

I will be weighing in every Friday and reporting in while on the Sugar Challenge

What I have learned the last 10 months.
Even though I have stopped Gluten, Grains and cut back on sugars.
Trained 4/5 times a week
now that is such a scary thought to me.

All I ever added to my foods * Now and Again *
Dark chocolate
2 Glasses of wine over a weekend
A mini Magnum on a Saturday
THAT'S ITS!!!!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 17

The last day today....Day 17 of the 17 Day Diet
Day 12 of the 50 Days No Sugar Challenge

I'm on my last day today which means weigh in day for me tomorrow
To be very honest - I AM VERY NERVOUS
I worry that I will be disappointed - I know those feelings so well, why I stopped weighing myself back in October.

I woke up today feeling heavy...emotionally heavy.
I think its hormonal, but its still an emotion I'm having to deal with today
I am down in the dumps...I just don't feel the way I have been the last few weeks today.
Anyway...a Story about today.

I went to the Farmers Market in town this morning
Although the weather was miserable and only 15 degrees, I wanted to go and talk to the farmers about their products, how they grow their fruit and veg and if they inject hormones into their animals and lastly if their animals are grass or grain fed.

 I was thrilled to hear that in Germany there is a law that NO animal may receive hormones 
That means even my shop bought meat is good quality.
All chickens from this farmer are roaming and not caged...
So today I bought Strawberries, Blueberries and Large farm eggs.

While out and feeling so miserable I stopped at the Health shop to buy a few Gluten free things...not many as most are high in sugar...I needed a box of crackers and almond butter.
I noticed I started picking up the gluten free slab of chocolates and looking to see how much sugar was inside.....I just wanted something to eat as thats they way I always react to my bad first reaction is to feed myself.

Thank goodness I recognized my emotions of wanting to comfort eat and walked away.
I reminded myself that I'm on my last day of the diet today and that tomorrow was weigh in day...
I do know if this was not the case I would have given in and eaten....all cause of emotions. ( sad )
But I have am happy!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 16

Day 16 of 17 Days......

wow....2 days left before I weigh in....have been tempted to climb on the scale all days this week...but thought I must wait a bit longer till I have completed this eating plan.
I did this plan 100% so really hoping for a certain number!!
Now you see why I have not been weighting myself...
THAT NUMBER...I want that number and here I go again!!
Will I be disappointed if I don't achieve that number????
Knowing myself...I trying to stay positive about the number that looks back at me.
I'm not going to share that number with you :))))) I'm afraid you will all be disappointed with me.

I taught a Kettlebell workout this morning.
I pushed the ladies to work with heavier weights compared to normal as I can see they are becoming comfortable with certain kg's and wanted them to push their muscles a bit more.
Amazing to see the difference in them doing this...
They sure had to push.....
I love seeing the ladies working out 100% and not playing around.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 15

Day 15 on the 17 DD today.
I should be saying Day 15 of 50Days :) as that what it actually is.
So I am not even half way - I am still very positive as I know how fast time flies anyway!

Last night I made veggies a different way....well the 2nd time I have attempted this.
Onion, and mushrooms cooked in Tsp Organic Olive oil while I steamed Cauliflower, Broccoli and Brussel spreads.
When veggies were ready I moved them over to the frying pan and put in a scoop of low fat cream cheese ( NO sugar ) and let it cook.
It was delish....did add some herbs and spices as well.
So today for a snack I had left over veggies and one boiled egg. 
A very weird combination, but to my surprise it was very tasty.

Today my calf is feeling a lot better, but I know the moment I run the pain will start again.
This is so frustrating...No idea what I did in that step class to have caused this problem.
Tonight I'm teaching The Power Ladies so not going to attempt running today.

I looked at my diary today and decided on the dates I will weigh in.
My plan is to weigh in this Friday for the first time in 10 months to see where I am ...
Then I will weigh in every Friday till I have completed the 50Days of no sugar...and hoping this way of eating will become a way of life!
I have worked on lowering my sugar but never to keep it as low as 30g's a day....

I feel as if this journey never ends, there is always something else to change.
I remember counting Points, then Calories, then giving up processed foods and my diet soda's
Now its been Gluten, Grains and currently sugar...
One day it will be dairy, but I'm not there yet...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 14

This morning I woke up feeling thinner...and thought about weighing myself...but decided to wait it out till Friday 13th for weigh in day.

I trained my upper body and Abs for 30 mins using the Kettlebell before breakfast.

My calf was so sore when I went to bed last night, i asked Hubby to rub it down for me, which he did. 
It feels better today, but still tender...will ask him to rub it again tonight.
I did say I thought I should go for a sports massage but have no idea where to go in this country.

This morning for breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs...mushrooms, spring onions and 4 cherry tomato's with green tea.

Lunch was left over braaied chicken ( BBQ, Grill ) and salad.

For my snack later I am going to have Greek yogurt, flaxseed and Blueberries

Dinner is Chicken and Veggies

When I look at this photo taken on my 50th birthday ( 23rd June ) in Italy, I can see the weight I had gained...
I felt it....I felt the difference...2/3 kilo's I could feel on my body...and I wanted it off.
So when I returned I decided it was NOW that I had to lose the weigh gained...
Excited to see what the scale says on Friday as feel so different already.
Today its my eldest daughters 34th birthday...
Today I am on Day 14 if 17 Day Diet
Today I am on Day 9 of 50daysnosugarchallenge
Today it is Day two of the UW Real Foods Summit

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 13

Thank you so much to those of you who left me a comment with yesterday's entry to let me know that I do have a few readers and not talking to myself....

To share a little about my journey so far.
I started off weighing 85kg's
Ended at 61kg's ( went down to 59 for a day )
Lost the bulk of my weight doing Weight Watchers but ended up in hospital with Aspartame poisoning as all the diet products I was eating to save on Points was an overload for my system.
All I say is be careful...don't fall into the same trap as I did by drinking diet Soda as 0 calories and eating diet and fat free foods.
Rather eat clean, ( not processed ) and good fats....
Never touch diet products...they are very harmful to the body.

After my 7 days in hospital and on cortisone for 12 days - I started investigating clean eating...
Found Tosca Reno and moved over to that way of eating...
Then discovered Sean Croxton and learned so much from his book called * The Dark Side *
From there I found the Paleo way of eating...

Right now am combining Clean Eating with Paleo
I only eat chicken, turkey and fish...Paleo one eats Red meat so don't follow 100%
I am Gluten and Grain free for 10 months now...
As you know I am doing the 50daysnosugarchallenge on Facebook as this is an area I want to improve more after cutting back on most sugars 2 years ago...

I have not weighed myself since October 2011...
I found that number on the scale was making me obsessive and not enjoying my life.
Yes, I do believe the scale is important when losing weight...but I was in my 3rd year of maintaining and wanted a gaining a kilo to lose it again the next day...was driving me to * drink * :)
I have a challenge with myself...
The 18th morning on the 17 Day Diet.
Am I nervous...OF COURSE.
Have I gained weight....I DID ( 2/3 kilo's ) .... BUT NOW FEEL BACK TO MYSELF AGAIN.
So lets see on Friday 13 if a good day for me?
I will keep you all posted....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.