Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 14

This morning I woke up feeling thinner...and thought about weighing myself...but decided to wait it out till Friday 13th for weigh in day.

I trained my upper body and Abs for 30 mins using the Kettlebell before breakfast.

My calf was so sore when I went to bed last night, i asked Hubby to rub it down for me, which he did. 
It feels better today, but still tender...will ask him to rub it again tonight.
I did say I thought I should go for a sports massage but have no idea where to go in this country.

This morning for breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs...mushrooms, spring onions and 4 cherry tomato's with green tea.

Lunch was left over braaied chicken ( BBQ, Grill ) and salad.

For my snack later I am going to have Greek yogurt, flaxseed and Blueberries

Dinner is Chicken and Veggies

When I look at this photo taken on my 50th birthday ( 23rd June ) in Italy, I can see the weight I had gained...
I felt it....I felt the difference...2/3 kilo's I could feel on my body...and I wanted it off.
So when I returned I decided it was NOW that I had to lose the weigh gained...
Excited to see what the scale says on Friday as feel so different already.
Today its my eldest daughters 34th birthday...
Today I am on Day 14 if 17 Day Diet
Today I am on Day 9 of 50daysnosugarchallenge
Today it is Day two of the UW Real Foods Summit

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Nice menu you had.
    I can imagine how you SO want to weigh yourself :)
    I want to know. How do you and hubby braai? On coals or with gas?

  2. What's braai chicken is that South African? And I loved your menu and your blog! Keep up the goo dwork! Could you give me a few pointers on how to improve th elook of my blog ? did someone desine it for you? greetings Carla!

  3. What a pretty glass. And such a pretty location for a photo at the bottom. I want to visit Europe!

  4. Do you own a foamroller? The foamroller gives me relief if my calf hurts. They aren't expensive and work well.