Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 13

Thank you so much to those of you who left me a comment with yesterday's entry to let me know that I do have a few readers and not talking to myself....

To share a little about my journey so far.
I started off weighing 85kg's
Ended at 61kg's ( went down to 59 for a day )
Lost the bulk of my weight doing Weight Watchers but ended up in hospital with Aspartame poisoning as all the diet products I was eating to save on Points was an overload for my system.
All I say is be careful...don't fall into the same trap as I did by drinking diet Soda as 0 calories and eating diet and fat free foods.
Rather eat clean, ( not processed ) and good fats....
Never touch diet products...they are very harmful to the body.

After my 7 days in hospital and on cortisone for 12 days - I started investigating clean eating...
Found Tosca Reno and moved over to that way of eating...
Then discovered Sean Croxton and learned so much from his book called * The Dark Side *
From there I found the Paleo way of eating...

Right now am combining Clean Eating with Paleo
I only eat chicken, turkey and fish...Paleo one eats Red meat so don't follow 100%
I am Gluten and Grain free for 10 months now...
As you know I am doing the 50daysnosugarchallenge on Facebook as this is an area I want to improve more after cutting back on most sugars 2 years ago...

I have not weighed myself since October 2011...
I found that number on the scale was making me obsessive and not enjoying my life.
Yes, I do believe the scale is important when losing weight...but I was in my 3rd year of maintaining and wanted a gaining a kilo to lose it again the next day...was driving me to * drink * :)
I have a challenge with myself...
The 18th morning on the 17 Day Diet.
Am I nervous...OF COURSE.
Have I gained weight....I DID ( 2/3 kilo's ) .... BUT NOW FEEL BACK TO MYSELF AGAIN.
So lets see on Friday 13 if a good day for me?
I will keep you all posted....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Wow, that's crazy that you were able to go that long without weighing yourself! Sometimes I just want to step away too. It can get obsessive. I'm feeling in a much better place than I was a few months ago. I agree with trying to eat clean, I'm trying to do it more and more, little by little.

  2. Wow that you can do that: no weighing for such a long time. Impressive!

  3. Hey Marcy, you are so great. I read your Blog every Day. I admire you for your strength of will. At the weekend i bought a Kettlebell. Did you have some films about it. Or would you like to teach me?

    Suzie (from your group in vockenrod)

  4. Hello Suzie...what a lovely surprise.
    I love should come join our wednesday group in Lauterbach.....
    I do have suggestions for you....will chat to you at class..

  5. I love how you self taught all the healthy eating wisdom to yourself. I love how you strive towards new ways every single day and that you aren't scared in saying your mind. In what you believe.
    You have come a long way - being hospitalised and getting sick brought you wisdom which you can bestow onto others, like me.