Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 12

Is anyone reading my blog??
Or am I talking to myself....:)

So its day 12 on the 17 Day diet today.
Another successful day 
This evening Hubby kept on offering me a glass of wine and I kept on refusing and explaining why I was not drinking wine....that I would again later but not right now.
The Dr does say not to drink wine during the first 17 days.
The 50daysnosugarchallenge says the same, but one can have a glass on special occasions.

This evening I'm drink * Bubble * water with slices of lemon in a glass Sarah sent me from USA for my 50th birthday.
I just feel better drinking water this way tonight...helps me not miss the wine..

Its such a great evening.
WE lay in the sun today for 3 hours, our tans are coming along nicely.
Then this evening Hubby braaied ( BBQ ) for our dinner, we sat outside at the patio furniture having our meal...something we haven't done yet this summer as summer is only arriving in Germany now.

As I have mentioned, I have cut back on the this morning had Greek yogurt, 1Tsp flaxseed, 4 strawberries and a handful of Blueberries with Green Tea for breakfast..

Lunch was...Turkey and salad with Green Tea

Dinner was....Grilled Chicken and salad

Snacks....Probiotic drink and 2nd snack I had more yogurt ( 4 Tsp ) and 2 Strawberries 

Drinking lots of water today.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Hey Marcelle,
    I have been reading your weight loss blog but could not figure out how to leave a comment as it is different than before! But now I have figured it out. You are doing great!

  2. I'm reading. You inspire me, as always!!

  3. Sounds like a nice summer day. Hubby and I have been getting to the pool to get some sun as often as possible...and for some swimming!

  4. I'm here as you know but lately I don't use the internet that much during weekends. I usually keep up with FB through my phone but don't read blogs.

    Smart idea to drink your water in a wine glass.

  5. I love how you drank Sparkled water instead of alcohol beverage. I'm going to do this too :) (I'm stealing all your ideas. Sorry.)
    I'm still reading your blog.

  6. hahahaha we all steal from each other!!!! :)

    1. I am reading. Always and forever. I've been reading in my iPad and I don't know how to comment! I hope this works so you know I'm still with you. Not sure if this will even show who is talking...Debby here...Pixie...jumping up and down and letting you know i'm still with you! Fingers crossed this will publish.

  7. I'm reading! Are you reading mine :)?