Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 10

Its Day 10 today
Honestly, no craving, am not struggling.
This way of eating has become a way of life for me...
Its while on holiday I relax and add foods like Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Rice cakes, Ice Cream and more wine than usual to my eating ...and from those few extra's I gain weight.
With doing the No sugar Challenge on Facebook I am very aware of sugars and see that in my breakfast every day I have too much this is an area I am busy looking at and making changes at the moment. 
A few Blackberries is going to have to be enough...not half an Orange, Strawberries, Kiwi, Blackberries and sometimes some black grapes with my yogurt for breakfast.
This challenge and app for iPad is teaching me so much about Sugars...and where they hide.

Today I did a 7.35km run in the forest in my Vibram shoes....My little toes is feeling a lot better....its just my right calve that gives me trouble after every run I do in the shoes.
Now am hobbling and have to teach The Power Ladies a class in hour and a half.

I upped my Protein today as yesterday I didn't eat enough and by 9pm I was am feeling so much better.

After my run today I did a short photo shoot with my neighbors daughter..Her photo with my entry today.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Do you like the Vibram's? If I have issues at running it's always my calf and always the right one. I think one of my pair of shoes needs replacement because especially in those it bothers me the most.

  2. Fran I do and moving over to them more and more these days when I run in the forest as they are trail running shoes and not road ones.
    My calf got injured when I did a STEP class...and since then have been suffering - its so sore. Scares me to run again.

  3. Can understand running scares you. I had an injury a couple of years ago (long before I started running) and it happened in Step class too. I remember I was scared for months to try it again because I was afraid I would hurt it again.