Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review of the 17 Day Diet

I completed the 17 Days of The 17 Days Diet
I've been so busy doing last minute things before my hubby returns from his nearly 3 weeks business trip.
As I write this entry, he is driving from Frankfurt airport back home :)

I started this plan at 63.5 kg's ( 140lbs )
Finished at 61.5 kg's ( 135 lbs )

I'm thrilled as I have been trying to lose weight since January and finally got my body to shift to my goal weight of 62kg's ( 136lbs )

I'm 1.65 ( 5 f 5 )
so this is a perfect weight for me.

I found the plan very easy to follow....I didn't have to change too many things, as I'm already into Clean Eating. I do think someone who loves take away, processed foods etc is going to find this plan very hard and challenging...and after a few days will throw in the towel.
I still drank my Green shake daily ( although not on the plan ), I even had a block of dark chocolate once when needing energy before a run....
I missed my muesli for breakfast, but told myself that I could have muesli after the 17 days, it was not a forever * good bye * to muesli for me.
Other than that I missed nothing.
I found my energy levels were good, I was able to train everyday without a struggle...and did at least 8 long runs during that time with lots of Kettlebell workouts.
I can highly recommend this plan to anyone who wants to lose the last bit of weight that won't shift, or to someone who has lots of weight to lose.

After Easter I will go into the 2nd Phase of the plan.....not seriously but to maintain my weight.
Day one ~ you eat as per Phase One
Day two ~ you allowed two starchy carbs...

I'm going to be extra aware of what goes into my mouth this long weekend...make the best choices in each situation....

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 14 / 17 DD

This morning two of my neighbors and I went out for a was not feeling too good, so we started with fast pace walking, then running, walking up the steep hills and running all the flats and the last 6km ( 3.7 miles ) we ran home.
We ran/walked the 9 km ( 5.5 miles ) in an hour and 11 mins
Burned 782 calories
19% fat
120 - 160 HR

Felt good to get out in the fresh air and catch up with the was a run I really enjoyed...

At 12pm I went next door for the birthday BBQ
I drank water
Ate BBQ Turkey and lettuce with a light dressing
Then ate slice of *Russian Cake *
The main ingredients are Quark, eggs, coco powder and 100g sugar for the whole cake
So felt if I was going to treat myself, it would be with that one.
The best choice from what was there.

I ignored all the other cakes, and there were lots
I didn't eat any of the other salads which had white pasta and thick mayo dressing
I never drank the champagne
I kept to healthy choices.
left there not feeling * stuffed * but satisfied.

My weeks review

Ran 24 km ( 14.9 miles )
Burned 3610 calories
7 Workouts
3x Kettlebell
1x aerobic class
2x days off

I have three days left on this plan....
Then will add in a few carbs every 2nd day...
But keep to this plan as its working for me.