Friday, January 14, 2011

Road Runner...ME!

Today is the 14th day on my January group's online challenge
I'm so excited being back at daily training after being off all training for a while.
I want to remind myself and all my readers that training helps one when you are feeling down, heart sore or slightly depressed.
I returned to Germany feeling so sad....
I lost the feeling of life
I was terrible to have around...
My family were so worried about me...
I was worried about me.

Getting back into my training again has changed all that for me...
I'm feeling my happy self again...shew...thankfully...
Training and me will never take such a long break again!!
No matter what the Dr says...:)
Today was such a great training day for me...
I got to run outdoors after 4 weeks of not being able to run and two weeks back at gym...
The weather is a lot warmer now compared to the usual January temps so this morning decided to make the most of get out and see how I felt on the road again ...
I did 5km in 32 mins and burned 500 a great training day..
I have spent the last two weeks working towards running 5km without walking in between and today I did just that..........Victory!!

My fave workout song right now...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Start Of Week Two Of Challenge

Week Two on the January Challenge and All going to plan.

Today I got to gym a little later than usual as I got stuck in front of my computer reading everyone on my groups blog entry after the weekend, and left a comment.
It's really great that everyone is being so dedicated to this challenge, keeps me motivated as well to stick to it...and now planning for February's challenge for the ladies.

Losing weight is the main reason the women have joined my group
Most train but as its the New Year we all needed something to give us that push to get going again and from the response on group its working.

Today I went to gym at minus 3.5 degrees, very icy outdoors.
The gym was once again all smelly and closed up...not one window open which I find so hard when training as I sweat so much it becomes very uncomfortable.

Did 30 mins on the Elliptical as I planned
Then added the extra 15 mins I have set out for myself by running on the treadmill for 15 mins without walking in between like I did last week.
Oh yes, I also did 200 sit ups as this week I intend to do at least 100 daily.

Tomorrow its my treadmill day....
Want to try get out earlier tomorrow morning as the whole day is over if I only get going to gym at 11pm, then shower and have lunch...cant get much done after that and I still have my daughter here with me till Thursday so want to get out and about with her before she leaves.

Tomorrow I plan to run..
Walk One minute, run 5, for 45 mins...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Week On Challenge

The first photo was taken of me the day before I left Cape Town...Note the summer outfit I am wearing, not possibly could this photo have been taken now in freezing cold Germany!!
I love this photo as I was putting some lip gloss on, my little granddaughter was lying in front of me on the bed while my daughter picked up my camera and captured this shot...I love it!

Okay now back to business :)
First of all...I had my run/stride tested yesterday in Cologne and was told my feet are neutral, so no problems there...I was lead to believe that there might be a problem with my one foot due to the IT band problem I was * meant * to be having, reason I lay off training for so long.
Hubby bought me a new pair of running shoes...a pair that was suggested for me after having my feet/stride tested by the sales consultant who helped us.
And note...the color...not chosen by me but by him and I love it!!
PINK and white...
The first week of my online group's challenge is now behind me...I did find getting back to training a huge struggle, with my fitness level as it has suffered with me not training due to the holiday and then being told to take off...but today I felt good and could feel that I will be back very soon to the level I was before I slowed down. I have decided to add no pressure to myself on reaching this goal, but to do what I feel is the right thing for me right now and that is to stick with doing cardio for the month of January.
My training this week was :

Monday ~ Ran for 6km in 43 mins
Tuesday ~ Elliptical for 10.7km in 30 mins
Wednesday ~ Cycled for 11.7km in 30 mins and did 25o Ab workout
Thursday ~ Ran for 6.72km in 53 mins
Friday ~ Elliptical for 10.5km in 30 mins and 150 Ab workout
Saturday ~ One day a week off ( walked around Koln )
Sunday ~ Interval running for 8km in 55 mins

Total of 54 kilometers for this week.
Stuck to goal of Run, Elliptical and one cycle per week.
This week my goals are as follows.

I am going to continue with the cardio as planned but am going to add 15 extra minutes of cardio to my 30 mins goal this week.
I will do 100 Ab workout daily
I will continue to count my points but now adding the calorie counting as well for the month of January...
I have 29 points a day and 1 400 calories per day....

My goal is to lose 5kg' what every length of time it takes making sure I stay accountable from my side and my body has to do the rest.