Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday * Tick *

GRRRRRRRRRRR _ its period week but without the period, only the horrible mood swings etc.
Today my hubby is driving me nuts...why is it at this time of the month I am ready to pack my bags and head back to Cape Town...Every month its the same story.
I'm going home, I've had enough of this life in Germany away from my family
Of course thats not what I really want, its the hormones that make me impossible and my hubby becomes impossible as well...
Roll on next week so this can all get behind me.
This morning I got up at 8am to do my 120 sit ups ( all I could manage today ), 40 push ups, tricep dips, and lunges...then had a banana and headed out the front door to meet my neigbors for a run in the forest.
Did a 8km run ( 4.9 miles ) in one hour
Burned 727 calories
HR 120 - 162
When I walked in the front door I saw this pink parcel on my table next to my computer....
It made my day to be honest....once again a stranger who has taken the time to send me something, it honestly blows my mind that there are such amazing caring people that I have met in blogland.
Bekki, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH
Your kindness for others shines through you...I am blessed that you have touched my life.
Bekki, this note book I'm going to take with me to Cape Town and use as my food tracker journal...its the perfect size ~ your message will keep me motivated and remind me what this journey is all about.
I cant wait to get stuck into the Fitness magazine...and take my new recycled shopping bag with me on a Friday night when I do my grocery shopping...Bekki you will be with me every Friday night....Cant wait to try the trail nuts either....look very yummy indeed.
Today while out at lunch time, hubby and I stopped at Subways for lunch.
After seeing The Biggest Loser promote Subways I always think they are the best when it comes to food on the run.
I had a half BBQ chicken roll and coffee today...

My Saturday gets a *tick*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday *Tick*

I am proud to announce that I am still treats free...
I was having 2 blocks of Dark chocolate a far so good!!

This morning, the first thing I did after getting out of bed and making it, was ~
I did 180 sit ups...front and side
4 sets of 10 push ups
12 lunges forward with each leg
12 lunges backwards with each leg
4 sets of 12 triceps dips
Then got dressed for the gym...but...did log on first, wrote my blog entry on my Private blog as had things I wanted to get off my chest before my workout.
Feeling down ( am so much better now as Hubby and I have had a talk and we on the same page about my MS treatment ) I went off to gym thinking I would do 30 mins on the elliptical...30 mins was enough for me to complete the 30 day challenge. Once I got going I started talking to myself...feeling goo* why stop at 30 mins, you feeling so good and its okay to do a little more * so at 30 mins I cranked up the level and kept my pace going which gave me such a good workout and sweat going. I'm not someone who can feel satisfied training 30 mins and under...with my training in the fitness field I know that the body takes a good 20 mins to warm up and only after that starts using the fat for it has to be more than 30 mins for me to walk away from a workout feeling satisfied. So all this give me a *tick* for today!!
My lunch today ~ Rye salad roll
I ordered Tosco Reno's book about Clean Eating and cant wait for it to arrive.
I am eating clean but know there is room for improvement...and to be honest I am looking for a plan while maintaining my weight where I no longer have to count calories or points....
or am I living in lala land :)

I was reading someone's story that took part in The Biggest Loser show
She says they are told to eat only 1 200 calories a day * forever * to keep the weight off.
Now I have no idea how many of you have counted calories...
but a diet of 1 200 is rabbits food...
I struggle keeping mine at 1 400 a day.
What are your thoughts on calories??

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday * Tick *

I didn't weight in this morning...a huge challenge, but think this is what I need to do..
Only weigh in 2x a week instead of everyday.

This morning I woke up so tired...
I could hardly open my eyes so lay in bed a bit later than usual...
I've done 13 days of non stop working out so far and have till the 30th of September to go.

After my coffee I got out of bed and did 180 sits on the floor while watching morning tv.
Then did 4 sets of 10 push ups
2 sets of 24 forward lunges
2 sets of 12 squats
Got dressed and ready to go across the road to train my client.
Did 55 mins and burned 425 calories
50% fat, HR 101 128
Did a low intensity workout today with lots of toning for upper and lower body.

This evening I teach my weekly aerobic class.
~but now I have to iron~
Thursday gets a *tick*

I'm feeling a little down this afternoon.
Hubby called the neurologist today, who says I have to go to hospital for a week for cortisone treatment before they can start the MS prevention treatment. This annoys me as its been over 6 months since I was last seen by the DR ~ I will write a little more about this in my private blog tomorrow...I have a lot I need to think about ~ I have to think about all this without all the emotions I am currently feeling.
Mae from Journey to be thin tagged me.... tagged me with some questions....

1. What is your biggest struggle with losing weight or fitness and how are you overcoming it?

My biggest struggle is when out socializing ~ saying NO to foods people I like but know are the wrong foods...I've had no struggles with the fitness side as can skip or do home workouts if not able to get to the gym or out for a run.

2. What is your best piece of weight loss advice?

Set small goals ~ take it one day at a time ~ small portions ~ drink water

3. What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Fruit, I love fruit....most fruits.

4. What are you doing to do when you meet your goal weight? What did you do when you met your goal weight?

I reached goal weight a year ago and nothing has changed, I still track, I still have to watch my portion sizes, I still train the same as I did while losing...In the past when I got to goal weight I gave myself permission to eat like the old me before the diet...and guess what...gained it all back. This time I am not going to allow that to happen.

5. What motivates you most to lose weight or get healthy?

Being diagnosed with MS is my biggest motivator to keep myself healthy ~

6. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Now with living in Germany...HOME is my favorite vacation spot...CAPE TOWN, South Africa

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday * Tick *

Today for one week I've been doing my challenges for the month of October.
No treats for one month
30 days of training for at least 25 mins a day
Online group challenge
Not logging on till after training and shower...

I'm all smiles feeling good and very motivated to continue with all of the above challenges.
The only one I failed...was the last one...and I failed it today...
I worked out and logged on to do this entry before I showered!
Knew that one was going to be the hardest for me.

As today is the end of week one I weighed myself this morning...and won't do so until Monday as that is my official weigh in day.

Weight today...63.6 kgs ~ 140.2lbs
Started Challenge at 64 kg's ~ 141.1 lbs

Today when I got up I did my 100 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 12 forward lunges and squats

Trained mommy at 9.30 am
Did 10 min warm up
20 mins high impact cardio
Toning and stretch
Burned 507 calories
HR ~ 104 - 139

Photo below was last nights dinner
Salmon and salad

One week and I am feeling the groove!!!
I've changed my goals from weight loss to healthy wellbeing
I am not going to chase that number but be thankful that I am healthy and celebrate the weight I have lost....
The fear of gaining I am working on.
I fear gaining more than I fear MS..
In my head I have told myself I have MS, but MS will never have me.
I need to work on that attitude with my weight

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday * Tick *

Weight this morning 64kg's ~ (141.1 lbs )
Frustration as that takes me up again.
My first thoughts this morning were...
Is my body where it wants to be...
This is the weight I've been maintaining since February this year....its the weight WW told me I needed to be ~ 64.4kg's ~ ( 142 ) for my age, my height etc etc...
Why cause once upon a time I saw 59.8kg's ( 132 lbs ) on the scale do I want to see it again...
I landed up in hospital at that weight...
I lost my balance, my eyesight went funny, I felt terrible
but yet knowing all that its a number I still want to be.
I think I need to refocus my thoughts...
More on being healthy and maintaining than losing
On toning my body more than losing weight...
I have to get over the obsession of that number.
This morning I got up at 6am, and did my 100 sit ups, the 4 sets of 10 push ups, the 4 sets of 12 lunges and squats, then went off to make myself a cup of coffee...My hubby was a way on a business trip so had to make it myself...:( nothing tastes as good as his morning coffee.
At 7.30am I was collected by my neighbor for a photography job.
I went off to her work in Fulda to take photo's of the staff that work in the hotel she manages, the restaurant and bar area and 3 bedrooms.
I had a great time, and when I got home around 1.30pm I was starving...

Photo below is my last nights dinner
So today I did my Online group challenge
I had NO treats
I cycled for one hour on my indoor bike in my bedroom, burned 586 calories, HR 110 ~ 158
And then logged on....
So another successor day for me that gets a *Tick*

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday *tick*

Weight this morning ~ 63.7 kg's ( 140lbs )
Thats a loss of .4kg (.9 lbs )
Not that happy if I consider the work I put in this week.
but I take that loss and thank my body for releasing what I no longer want.

Today while hubby was making my coffee before my visit to the DR I did my Online group challenge....
100 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 12 forward lunges

When I got home I ate a sandwich for lunch...( photo below )

Then went out for a 7.28 km ( 4.52 miles ) run alone in the forest
Did it in 49.12 mins, a lot faster when I am alone...
And considering I had to walk twice up very steep hills
Got a cramp which lasted from 4.85km ( 3.01 miles ) to the end
I had make up on my face ( bad mistake ) so sweat got into my eyes and burned like hell
My nose would not stop running!!!
So considering all of the above I still did it in a good time and burned 508 calories
HR was between 137-173

I only then logged on!!!

So this Monday gets a *tick* from me....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to manage your weight loss

10 Steps to Manage Your Weight

Practice these simple, everyday food and fitness smarts to keep your hard-fought new weight.

You've just lost weight and you don't want to see that number go back up on your scale. With these 10 tricks from dietitians and successful dieters, you'll be able to maintain your weight with ease.

  1. Build more lean muscle. Maintain, or even increase, your metabolism by continuing to build lean muscle. "Muscle has a higher metabolism than fat does," explains Emily Banes, RD, clinical dietitian at Houston Northwest Medical Center. If you don't yet train with weights, add this type of exercise to your overall program now. If you do, increase the amount of weight you're working with to keep yourself challenged. ( are you reading this one girls,.....hence why I have added more weights to my week )
  2. Fight off hunger with more filling foods. A three-year University of Pittsburgh study of 284 women between the ages of 25 and 45 found that those who avoided weight gain the best were the ones whose meals kept them feeling full. "Keeping that feeling of fullness can be done with foods high in fiber — think fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein," says Jenna Anding, PhD, RD, of the department of nutrition and food science at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. ( this is an area I am looking into with my foods, not so much what is lower in calories but filler foods which can be higher in calories but keep me fuller for longer hence no picking in between meals )
  3. Avoid temptation. The University of Pittsburgh study also found that women who best controlled their weight were good at resisting the temptation to binge on forbidden treats. This doesn't mean never indulging in a gooey dessert again, but rather picking — and limiting — your moments. There are many ways to avoid daily temptations, including planning ahead when eating out and banning your worst weaknesses from the house. ( I have been the queen of treats the last 4 months...and gained weight, so makes sense to me )
  4. Count calories. Another hallmark of successful weight maintenance, according to the University of Pittsburgh study, is regularly counting calories. Use your calculator to keep a running total throughout the day if that helps you keeps track of calorie consumption. Maintaining weight loss is hard; it's okay to be as careful as you were during the weight- loss phase of your diet. ( here, here, I do calories and Point counting at the moment and have done so for the last 2 years...allows you to see where you are with your eating )
  5. Plan your meals in advance. A maintenance diet has a lot of the same components as a weight-loss diet. Having a meal-by-meal plan that you can stick to, although it has more calories than your diet plan did, can act as a guide to keep you on track. ( I can improve in this area, basically do the same meals and have the same breakfast and lunch most days...but planning would be better for me )
  6. Consider adding minutes to your exercise plan. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week, but emphasize that the more you exercise, the better able you are to maintain a weight loss. You should aim for 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity every day. ( I thought 60 mins was okay....but now see I should aim for 90, I do on a few days a week...but see I can make improvements in this area )
  7. Measure your portions. According to a Center for Disease Control (CDC) study of more than 4,000 U.S. adults, the biggest factors in success were measuring portions and fats, the most caloric foods, in particular. This doesn't mean you have to carry a food scale everywhere you go, but using it as often as possible at home will teach you how to eyeball portion sizes at restaurants and immediately know how much to eat, and how much to take home in a doggie bag. ( I weigh all my foods )
  8. Weigh yourself daily. The same CDC study reported that people who weigh themselves once a day are twice as successful at keeping off lost weight as those who don't step on the scale as often. Daily weigh-ins, which can be discouraging when you're on a diet, can be a boon during maintenance; they let you see, and stop, any slow creep upward as soon as it happens. ( I agree...did try only weighing in once a week but that didn't work for me ~ weighing daily means I have better control )
  9. Include dairy in your diet. According to a study of 338 adults, those who ate three or more servings of low-fat dairy daily were more likely to keep off the weight than those who ate one serving or less. For women in particular, this has the additional benefit of improving bone health. ( I have limited my dairy, but do eat it in small quantities, have cut out most cheeses )
  10. Let your plate be your guide. When you can't count calories or measure portions accurately, Banes recommends using the "plate method" as a way to control the amount you're eating. A great tip for dieters, it works just as well for people on a maintenance plan. Simply put, when you serve yourself using this method, at least half your plate should be vegetables and the remaining space should be divided evenly between lean protein and whole grains. If you go back for seconds, limit yourself to vegetables, fruit or low-fat dairy.( my plate is filled with salad and veggies and about 140g protein )

Now that you know the secrets to long-term weight-loss success, get started with your weight management program today!

Sunday * Tick *

Weight this morning 63.7kg's ( 140.4 lbs )
Thats a loss....Tomorrow is my official weigh in day

I got out of bed this morning and while my hubby was making me my morning coffee I did my Online Groups challenge of 100 sit ups and 4 sets of 8 push ups.
Had my coffee and a banana before meeting 3 of my neighbors at 9.30am for a 9.8 km ( 6.0 miles ) walk/run to the Castle.
On the way up to the Castle we stopped at every bench and did triceps dips ~ then at one section we did step knee ups onto benches, push ups and step knee up onto bench with a squat coming down.
On the way back from the Castle we ran without walking to the car.
At one section I ran ahead of the others as I wanted to get a faster pace....otherwise we all kept together as the rest are getting much fitter after 3 months of running with me.
I then went for a shower, got dressed and at 12 noon I ate my breakfast of muesli 50g instead of 30g, yogurt and fruit...
Then...and only then did I log on....

Seeing my weight come down has given me the extra motivation that I desperately need on a Sunday, as Sundays are one of those days I love my *treats*, but this Sunday is going to be different...Very different...NO Treats will be had by me ( as I type this I can hear my hubby down in the cellar opening a packet of chips and eating a handful )