Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday *tick*

Weight this morning ~ 63.7 kg's ( 140lbs )
Thats a loss of .4kg (.9 lbs )
Not that happy if I consider the work I put in this week.
but I take that loss and thank my body for releasing what I no longer want.

Today while hubby was making my coffee before my visit to the DR I did my Online group challenge....
100 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 12 forward lunges

When I got home I ate a sandwich for lunch...( photo below )

Then went out for a 7.28 km ( 4.52 miles ) run alone in the forest
Did it in 49.12 mins, a lot faster when I am alone...
And considering I had to walk twice up very steep hills
Got a cramp which lasted from 4.85km ( 3.01 miles ) to the end
I had make up on my face ( bad mistake ) so sweat got into my eyes and burned like hell
My nose would not stop running!!!
So considering all of the above I still did it in a good time and burned 508 calories
HR was between 137-173

I only then logged on!!!

So this Monday gets a *tick* from me....


  1. I need to run without make up too! I hate when the sweat drips in my eyes and burns.

  2. Great job on your run considering. I try really hard not to exercise without any make up on so my skin can breath. Your sandwich looks so yummy!!!

  3. Excellent stats today. I don't have to worry about make up getting in my eyes when I exercise, I don't have any! I do have a lipstick....somewhere....

  4. A loss is a loss Marcy, well done. And also on the run all bad things considered like the cramp and make-up.

    It depends if I wear make-up at a workout. After work I don't bother taking it off before a workout but for the rest I don't have it on. But I don't sweat very wet if you know what I mean. I do sweat but kind of dry so not much dripping.

  5. Are the time settings of your blog not European?

    It says my post is yesterday at 9.22 pm and it's Tuesday 6.22 am :)

  6. YOU are very motivated and inspirational. DO you ever stop?:))
    You have been working so hard....and you may not feel like you are getting so far ahead each week...but you ARE! I always go back even 6 months from today and look at where I was.....and then I KNOW how far I have come and even a small weight loss for the week is GREAT!:))
    Sorry for posting chocolate the other day...hehe....but you seem strong enough to resist:))
    Hugs to you today,