Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday *Tick*

I am proud to announce that I am still treats free...
I was having 2 blocks of Dark chocolate a far so good!!

This morning, the first thing I did after getting out of bed and making it, was ~
I did 180 sit ups...front and side
4 sets of 10 push ups
12 lunges forward with each leg
12 lunges backwards with each leg
4 sets of 12 triceps dips
Then got dressed for the gym...but...did log on first, wrote my blog entry on my Private blog as had things I wanted to get off my chest before my workout.
Feeling down ( am so much better now as Hubby and I have had a talk and we on the same page about my MS treatment ) I went off to gym thinking I would do 30 mins on the elliptical...30 mins was enough for me to complete the 30 day challenge. Once I got going I started talking to myself...feeling goo* why stop at 30 mins, you feeling so good and its okay to do a little more * so at 30 mins I cranked up the level and kept my pace going which gave me such a good workout and sweat going. I'm not someone who can feel satisfied training 30 mins and under...with my training in the fitness field I know that the body takes a good 20 mins to warm up and only after that starts using the fat for it has to be more than 30 mins for me to walk away from a workout feeling satisfied. So all this give me a *tick* for today!!
My lunch today ~ Rye salad roll
I ordered Tosco Reno's book about Clean Eating and cant wait for it to arrive.
I am eating clean but know there is room for improvement...and to be honest I am looking for a plan while maintaining my weight where I no longer have to count calories or points....
or am I living in lala land :)

I was reading someone's story that took part in The Biggest Loser show
She says they are told to eat only 1 200 calories a day * forever * to keep the weight off.
Now I have no idea how many of you have counted calories...
but a diet of 1 200 is rabbits food...
I struggle keeping mine at 1 400 a day.
What are your thoughts on calories??


  1. I have Tosca's books and she says counting points/calories is NOT a healthy relationship with food!!! She'll explain it all when you get it. She's amazing, just like you - the two of you will get along famously!!! Love reading and seeing what you put in your mouth. Thanks for sharing, as always.

  2. Great work- I have Toscas book and LOVE LOVE LOVE it....
    I know you will enjoy it- You will also get a lot of the recipes you see me post to group..
    It is real food for people like us that work out hard....
    Let me know how you like it- your roll looks yummy and you look great!!

  3. I am on the waiting list for her book at the library. If I enjoy it then I will buy it. Saving my money for other things. Your food always looks so colorful. As for the 1200 a day I could never do that. When you had me at 1400 there where times I was feeling like I was starving. At 1200 I don't think I would have the energy to do anything. What kind of exercise does she do? Or just doesn't eat anything?

    Congrats on the being treat free!!

  4. Nice abs!!

    When I've counted calories I find I'm between 1200 and 1400-1500. Over 1500 and I find I'm pretty full and after a few days I will gain weight.

  5. 1200 is not enough, it's a crash diet. I am between 1500 and 1700 calories and I've calculated that when I didn't have overweight I could eat around 1900 calories. At 1500-1700 I'm not hungry, some days I'm below 1500 and I go to bed hungry so didn't eat enough.

    Book sounds interesting, according to the comments it's a good book.

    Going to look into that.

    And I agree wat BB says in the first comment: I don't think you should count calories for the rest of your life. There must be a point where you can do it on your own and trust yourself enough to eat right, goes for me too of course.

  6. Mu SIL who is thin and fit, has recently lost 10 pounds just from Eating Clean. She feels like she's eating more! She has just gone down on 122 and she's 5"7. It's hard not to hate her! Tosca's book changed her life. It's changing my entire way of eating/living.

    Seriously, your body is amazing!!!!