Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday * Tick *

GRRRRRRRRRRR _ its period week but without the period, only the horrible mood swings etc.
Today my hubby is driving me nuts...why is it at this time of the month I am ready to pack my bags and head back to Cape Town...Every month its the same story.
I'm going home, I've had enough of this life in Germany away from my family
Of course thats not what I really want, its the hormones that make me impossible and my hubby becomes impossible as well...
Roll on next week so this can all get behind me.
This morning I got up at 8am to do my 120 sit ups ( all I could manage today ), 40 push ups, tricep dips, and lunges...then had a banana and headed out the front door to meet my neigbors for a run in the forest.
Did a 8km run ( 4.9 miles ) in one hour
Burned 727 calories
HR 120 - 162
When I walked in the front door I saw this pink parcel on my table next to my computer....
It made my day to be honest....once again a stranger who has taken the time to send me something, it honestly blows my mind that there are such amazing caring people that I have met in blogland.
Bekki, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH
Your kindness for others shines through you...I am blessed that you have touched my life.
Bekki, this note book I'm going to take with me to Cape Town and use as my food tracker journal...its the perfect size ~ your message will keep me motivated and remind me what this journey is all about.
I cant wait to get stuck into the Fitness magazine...and take my new recycled shopping bag with me on a Friday night when I do my grocery shopping...Bekki you will be with me every Friday night....Cant wait to try the trail nuts either....look very yummy indeed.
Today while out at lunch time, hubby and I stopped at Subways for lunch.
After seeing The Biggest Loser promote Subways I always think they are the best when it comes to food on the run.
I had a half BBQ chicken roll and coffee today...

My Saturday gets a *tick*


  1. what a nice surprise in deed
    I too like subway in fact when given the option my kids too like subway sometimes even giving up mcdonalds ;-)

  2. How fun to get a package in the mail! That always makes my day too. I LOVE Subway- it's such a healthy option and I always lose weight the next day after eating it- every time!

  3. I am so so glad you got your parcel!! I am inspired by you and wanted to give you something to know how special you are!!!
    I love SUBWAY!! Great choice-
    Must be the week as my hubby is annoying today also!!

  4. Awwwww that was super sweet!!! I love, love, love getting things in the post. I never do, but a girl can dream!

    I think Subway really is a good choice. I can get a filling sandwich for 6 points and I even like the veg on it!

  5. I remember how exciting it was to receive parcels when we lived abroad...when they arrived. Receiving a parcel in Bangladesh is a bit of a miracle. :)

    I had a fight with my husband tonight! ;)

  6. I really need to get to Subways one day soon but it's not close by where I live.

    Lovely gift of Bekki. We talked about this already but it's sensational how the blogland works and how you can make friends without ever seeing each other. I love it.

    I guess I'm a lucky girl, I don't have a period due to my birth control but I never had/have mood swings around that time of the month.

  7. We have a subway on post but our graoccery store makes subs as well. I go there now bc they are cheaper and the food taste fresher!! We really need to get serious about u coming to visit after u get back from holiday. We are trying to move and get a bigger place which will be great when u come!

  8. Haha...Oh it's so good to hear other women /. hubby stories. I too am having a heck of a week;)!
    Isn't it great getting packages in the mail...what a lovely surprise!!!!! Hopefully it made up for any other "gloom":)))
    Happy week to you Marcelle, you are doing amazing!!!!!!