Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday * Tick *

Weight this morning 63.7kg's ( 140.4 lbs )
Thats a loss....Tomorrow is my official weigh in day

I got out of bed this morning and while my hubby was making me my morning coffee I did my Online Groups challenge of 100 sit ups and 4 sets of 8 push ups.
Had my coffee and a banana before meeting 3 of my neighbors at 9.30am for a 9.8 km ( 6.0 miles ) walk/run to the Castle.
On the way up to the Castle we stopped at every bench and did triceps dips ~ then at one section we did step knee ups onto benches, push ups and step knee up onto bench with a squat coming down.
On the way back from the Castle we ran without walking to the car.
At one section I ran ahead of the others as I wanted to get a faster pace....otherwise we all kept together as the rest are getting much fitter after 3 months of running with me.
I then went for a shower, got dressed and at 12 noon I ate my breakfast of muesli 50g instead of 30g, yogurt and fruit...
Then...and only then did I log on....

Seeing my weight come down has given me the extra motivation that I desperately need on a Sunday, as Sundays are one of those days I love my *treats*, but this Sunday is going to be different...Very different...NO Treats will be had by me ( as I type this I can hear my hubby down in the cellar opening a packet of chips and eating a handful )


  1. As long as he stays in the cellar with his chips you will be allright.

    It is a lovely day for a run, I'm glad we went out for a walk, loved it very much.

  2. Seeing movement on the scale always gets me more motivated too! You will love Tosca's book...she's your twin. It's Eat Clean Recharged and she also has a Eat Clean cookbook. Since eating clean, the scale has started to move again.