Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday * Tick *

Today for one week I've been doing my challenges for the month of October.
No treats for one month
30 days of training for at least 25 mins a day
Online group challenge
Not logging on till after training and shower...

I'm all smiles feeling good and very motivated to continue with all of the above challenges.
The only one I failed...was the last one...and I failed it today...
I worked out and logged on to do this entry before I showered!
Knew that one was going to be the hardest for me.

As today is the end of week one I weighed myself this morning...and won't do so until Monday as that is my official weigh in day.

Weight today...63.6 kgs ~ 140.2lbs
Started Challenge at 64 kg's ~ 141.1 lbs

Today when I got up I did my 100 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 12 forward lunges and squats

Trained mommy at 9.30 am
Did 10 min warm up
20 mins high impact cardio
Toning and stretch
Burned 507 calories
HR ~ 104 - 139

Photo below was last nights dinner
Salmon and salad

One week and I am feeling the groove!!!
I've changed my goals from weight loss to healthy wellbeing
I am not going to chase that number but be thankful that I am healthy and celebrate the weight I have lost....
The fear of gaining I am working on.
I fear gaining more than I fear MS..
In my head I have told myself I have MS, but MS will never have me.
I need to work on that attitude with my weight


  1. I can't believe it's already a week since we started the challenge, time flies by when you're having fun :)

    You had a great week Marcy and I'm proud of you and thankful for the support we can give each other.

    7 days down only a few :lol: more to go!

  2. Fear is NEVER our friend. I think it's what fuels overeating.

    Regarding sweetener and Eating Clean:

    There are different takes on it. If using honey, it should be organic, raw honey.

    Tosca Reno says - While your ultimate goals hould be to kick the sugar/sweetener habit altogether, in a pinch these options should be chosen over others:

    Agave nectar
    Fruit sugar
    Unsweetened applesauce
    Brown rice syrup

    I just bought some organic, raw honey as a replacement in some favourite recipes. I really like Apple Butter as a sweetener too. The brand in Canada is Wellesley. It is soooo sweet and 100% natural - no sugar added.

  3. The picture of your dinner looks yummy! I see that your weight went down some from when you started. Waiting to see what will happen in the end. When I look at the pictures of you I see no fat. You are perfect!

  4. Wow!! you're doing so great!! I had to read to catch up on your story and you look absoltely amazing!! great job & keep it up! Very inspiring!!

  5. You're getting there Marcelle (the mind/scale thing). Little changes at a time, it will come!

    Dinner looks delish!

  6. Dinner looks fantastic!! Keep up all your hard work- I love your new way of thinking!!

  7. Dinner looks yummy Marcelle, and time is passing quickly isn't it, I can't believe I will be posting new photos on Friday already! I do feel a change, whether or not the scale or photos will pick up on it, i don't know but I am feeling confident so I guess that accounts for something ;-).