Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 6 / 17 DD

Day 6
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.5 kg's ( 137.8 lbs )
Total loss of 1 kilogram ( 2.2 lbs )

I lost another 3 g's this morning. ( 0.7 lbs )

150g plain yogurt
1 Tsp crushed Flaxseed
4 strawberries
handful of blueberries
Green Tea

Did a 30 minute upper body Kettlebell workout before meeting my neighbor for a run
Ran 7km Trail Run ( 4.3 miles ) in 54.53mins
Burned 687 calories ~ 15 % fat
134 - 161 HR

Green Shake with one orange, spinach, yogurt, flaxseed and probiotic orange drink.

Went to do my grocery shopping after a shower

Left over Chicken and veggies from last night.
Green Tea

Met my neighbors at 2.30pm for their first Kettlebell workout
WE did the 35 workout in one of the neighbors gardens. This was an introduction workout as we will officially begin the classes from next Thursday.

Yogurt and Apple
After my snack I went next door to one of my neighbors who invited me around for coffee knowing my hubby was away and I was alone.
WE sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine....I had two glasses of water and one not so nice ( cold ) cup of coffee. Was good to be out with the girls I train and run with.

Last piece of Chicken from last nights dinner
Green Tea
I've had another good day today...lack of energy has not been a problem at all....I have had a very active day and still feeling great.
I honestly cannot say that going without carbs for the last 6 days I feel tired...
I'm running with the girls tomorrow which means a week without rest...and all is good.

UK report on 17 Day Diet

British Newpaper regarding the 17 Day Diet....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 5 / 17 DD

Day 5
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.8 kg's ( 138.7 lbs )
Total loss of .7 grams ( 1.5 lbs )

I lost another 100g's this morning.

2x scrambled eggs with 2x large mushrooms and 30g's low fat feta cheese
Green Tea

One yogurt
Fish with mixed salad
Green Tea
Green shake, with 2 oranges and the usual
An hour before going out for a run today I drank a Cafe Latte ~ Caramel ( 98 calories )
I've discovered if I drink this an hour before I run, I have so much energy....
I didn't drink one yesterday before my run and felt the difference.
Chicken with a curry sauce
Green Tea
I ate 1 450 calories today

Ran 10 km in 1 hour 18 mins as my neighbor and her brother needed to walk the hills as have not run for a while so not running fit.
Burned 900 calories
13% fat
HR 147 - 161

I'm still feeling good...
Am not hungry so never get into the situation where I grab anything to eat.
This plan has been great so far as no cravings...and energy level is all good.

As I'm drinking 8 glasses of water
3 cups of tea
2 mugs of coffee
I need the loo often and about twice during the night!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4 / 17 DD

Day 4
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.9 kg's ( 138.7 lbs )
Total loss of .6 grams ( 1.3 lbs )

Remained the same weight

150g plain yogurt
30g Crushed Flaxseed
Blueberries and 2 Strawberries
Green Tea

Got everything ready to take a photo, but walked away to eat and forgot...
This is a photo I took the other afternoon for my snack...but looks like this except for flaxseed and strawberries

Made a Green Shake...and don't say you don't like until you've tried...that I've learned for myself the hard way.

1 orange
100g plain yogurt
1x orange probiotic drink
1 Tsp flaxseed
Left over Turkey and veggies from last night.
Green Tea
Tin tuna in water
A little Quark instead of mayo
Green Tea
Ran 7.35 km
53.55 mins
618 calories
15% fat
126 - 161 HR

Ate 1 4500 calories

I'm still feeling very good and never starving and wanting to eat whatever I can lay my eyes on.
Planning daily what I'm going to eat is working well for me
Am eating every 3 - 3 and a half hours
Drinking my 8 glasses of water
3 Green Tea's
Lemon in warm water on waking.
Got a good routine going.

I did find while running today....I didn't has as much energy as I usually do, so I just slowed my pace down ( which was still faster than Jan/Feb this year ) and managed without feeling I needed to walk.

I went to a birthday party this afternoon..
I was not tempted.
The host knows I'm doing this plan so was fine with me sitting with them having a cup of coffee and saying no thanks to the cake.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 3 / 17 DD

Day 3
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.9 kg's ( 138.7 lbs )
Total loss of .6 grams ( 1.3 lbs )

Drank my lemon/warm water on waking
Glass of water with my multi vit
Last cup of coffee made by my hubby who left this afternoon on the business trip.

2x boiled eggs
1 Apple
Cup Green Tea

Went to the hairdresser at 9am for hi lights and a trim.....
Drank a cup of coffee while there, didn't touch the biscuit on the side plate

When I got home I had a probiotic yogurt
Lunch was sardines and salad with Green tea
My 2nd snack for the day was my Green Shake
Dinner ~ all by myself as Hubby left an hour and a half before dinner was ready...
Was ~ Turkey cooked with half onion and a few mushrooms.
I sprinkled a few frozen peas into the pan
Steamed some veggies, and small salad
Green Tea
I have not trained today...after teaching for 3 hours yesterday I'm not to concerned about getting in a workout......I went for hi lights and spent the afternoon with my hubby...
I got a phone call from the optometrist saying my glasses and sunglasses were will go collect them tomorrow morning.
I do plan to do a 30 mins upper body and ab workout before going to bath and bed later...but nothing hectic...

My energy level has been good today....
BUT my heart sore as I had to say good bye to my hubby....

Adding this in later..
Did a 45 min Kettlebell and Ab workout
Burned 244 calories
44% fat
93 - 120 HR

Ate 1459 calories today.

Day 2/ 17 DD

Starting weight ~ 63.5 kgs ( 140 lbs )
Day two I weighed in at 63.0 kg's ( 138.9 lbs )
Lost 500g's ( 1.1 lbs )

Started off Day 2 with half of lemon juice squeezed into a glass of warm water
Drank 2 glasses of water as feeling dehydrated most mornings.

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs
1x tomato and 2 big mushrooms cooked
Cup of Green Tea

I had my first client come around at 9.30 for a Kettlebell workout.
I burned 392 calories ~ 33% fat ~ 99 - 129 HR

Made a Green Shake for my first snack of the day.
Met my neighbor an hour later for a run
Ran 7.42 km ~ burned 635 calories ~ 18% fat ~ 120 - 141 HR

For lunch I had left over dinner from the night before
Chicken and steamed veggies

My next snack was half a pear and 60g Blueberries with plain yogurt
I had this after 2pm, and according to the plan one should not have fruit after 2pm
Another error I made....I ate shrimps with salad....and see that shrimps is only allowed for the next cycle of 17 days.....but as I have more in my fridge I will be eating them and then won't buy when I do my shopping for this cycle.
The * white * stuff on my shrimps is Quark...I have only seen it here, its high in protein and very low in fat....for the 30g's I used was only 20 sugar.
After dinner I went to teach a Low Impact class to my group of ladies
Burned ~ 478 calories ~ 33% fat ~ 107 - 128 HR

I had so much energy yesterday.....
Never at any point did I struggle to get myself up and going...

I ate 1156 calories
And burned 1 559 via my training ( so taking Day 3 as my REST Day )

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm not going to have time to update this blog with my photo's this evening after my class as I get home around 9pm, then I rush to get bathed and in bed around 9.30pm to watch tv in bed with hubby...and this evening is our last night together for the next 16 blogging has to wait :)
Tomorrow early I'm off to have hi lights and a trim, then at 2pm Hubby comes home to shower and collect his suitcases and heads off to UK....then on Friday evening flies home, to South Africa!!!
Will do the photo update of my foods today and tomorrow in one entry when hubby leaves.

I just want to give you an update on my DAY 2.
I lost 500g ( 1.1lbs ) on my first day, which really excited me and gave me motivation to push today...and push I did.

I trained my neighbor in a Kettlebell workout this morning for an hour ~ Burned 392 calories
An hour later we met for a run...was meant to be a 5 km but ended doing 7.43 km ~ Burned 625 calories
Tonight I teach a class which usually burned 450/500 its going to be a good good day today for me...and I'm feeling good ~ going without carbs has had no effect on me as yet....Am sure tomorrow...DAY 3 it will hit me, but thankfully have nothing planned as I have a busy day with other non training things...
I'm not missing anything cravings....and no desire to cheat.
See you tomorrow night...I do get all your comments on my Blackberry phone which I read where ever I happen to be when you post it here...Thanks, for supporting and encouragement...knowing so many of you are wondering how this program will work keeps me on the straight and narrow as with my desire to see that number....:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day ONE/ 17 DD

I was ready.....and mostly mentally this morning
Yesterday I was all over the place and binging on foods I knew I would not be eating for 17 Days.. that not typical, this is why I hate and don't believe in diets...
I got my mind thinking that this is not going to be a diet, this is going to shift my weight...move the scale again as I have been this weight for over a year now and nothing I do shifts it...a few 100 grams here and there, but thats all...

So after burning over 5 000 calories in total during last weeks workouts.
Remember the science says 3 500 to lose ONE pound...
I remained the same.
So starting weight for this plan is 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
I drank my half a lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water on waking.
Then had another glass of water with my Multi vit as need to take it 30 mins before I eat breakfast.
Hubby made me a cup of coffee
and then it was time for breakfast, 8 am ( I missed my muesli and yogurt )
To be honest, I didnt enjoy the veggie combo so early in the morning, so not going to have this a hurry!!

After breakfast I drank another glass of water with the rest of my Vits...
Then made my first cup of Green Tea
At 11.30 I made my Green Smoothie.....
Went to post a parcel to South African, and to have my nails done...not liking them that much this time, they far too sharp...
Got home and made lunch at 2.30pm
Had another cup of Green Tea
Around 4pm I had another snack.....and then got stuck into the ironing...
Had dinner at 6.30 pm
Cup of Green Tea

My calories for the day are 1 360

I did an hours Kettlebell workout this morning...
Burned 489 calories
Have still got to have 2 glasses of water before I go to bed and its just after 7pm

So my first day went off well
I never starved
And so far my energy level feels good...

16 Days to go!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weeks review

So much for not blogging over the weekend!!!!! ( addiction, lol )
Today I remembered I had to do my weeks training update before I start the new program tomorrow...
So here goes.

Total workouts = 8
1 Day OFF ( finally )
3 Kettlebell workouts
Taught ONE class
Ran 36 km's ( 22.3 miles )
Burned a whopping 5 258 calories!!!!

I'm feeling so much stronger with my running ~ gone are the days where I have to walk up the hills, unless with someone who is not as fit and we doing a run together, I try keep them motivated to run by keeping to a pace they can cope with and are encouraged to keep running. When I run on my own thats the time I can push myself...and the hills are now something I have mastered and now not wanting to go back to walking them till I have to.

Have a great Sunday
See you all excited and nervous!!!