Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 2/ 17 DD

Starting weight ~ 63.5 kgs ( 140 lbs )
Day two I weighed in at 63.0 kg's ( 138.9 lbs )
Lost 500g's ( 1.1 lbs )

Started off Day 2 with half of lemon juice squeezed into a glass of warm water
Drank 2 glasses of water as feeling dehydrated most mornings.

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs
1x tomato and 2 big mushrooms cooked
Cup of Green Tea

I had my first client come around at 9.30 for a Kettlebell workout.
I burned 392 calories ~ 33% fat ~ 99 - 129 HR

Made a Green Shake for my first snack of the day.
Met my neighbor an hour later for a run
Ran 7.42 km ~ burned 635 calories ~ 18% fat ~ 120 - 141 HR

For lunch I had left over dinner from the night before
Chicken and steamed veggies

My next snack was half a pear and 60g Blueberries with plain yogurt
I had this after 2pm, and according to the plan one should not have fruit after 2pm
Another error I made....I ate shrimps with salad....and see that shrimps is only allowed for the next cycle of 17 days.....but as I have more in my fridge I will be eating them and then won't buy when I do my shopping for this cycle.
The * white * stuff on my shrimps is Quark...I have only seen it here, its high in protein and very low in fat....for the 30g's I used was only 20 sugar.
After dinner I went to teach a Low Impact class to my group of ladies
Burned ~ 478 calories ~ 33% fat ~ 107 - 128 HR

I had so much energy yesterday.....
Never at any point did I struggle to get myself up and going...

I ate 1156 calories
And burned 1 559 via my training ( so taking Day 3 as my REST Day )


  1. I like seeing your meals - give me some inspiration :)

  2. Hey, you burned more calories than you ate! You should easily reach your goals doing that!

  3. Absolutely awesome....17DD is not a religion - you are VERY active and you burned way more than you ate yesterday....I woulnd't sweat the after 2pm blueberries!

    I'm on day 10 today. Found a green tea, finally, that I like - it's called Dreamsicle and smells and tastes great! Food is planned for most of the day (not sure about supper yet). Holding steady at -7......and one other thing I've noticed is that I'm sleeping a lot better!

    Keep going!

  4. Quark looks like Hüttenkäse they sell here.

    Great day food and exercise wise Marcy.