Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comment that I got!

I want to share a comment I got from one of my special blogger friends, Syl....what she wrote to me had made so much sense. I lay in bed last night reading her comment via my phone.....and fell asleep with her words going around and around in my head...what she said spoke to me...

Today while running in the forest, her words came back to me again....I was didn't matter what time I finished the 12.35km's I was running...the fact was I was running....I am fighting to keep my body as fit and healthy as possible...I'm not going to give up, like the poor lady Syl speaks about and so many other's that do when they are diagnosed with something that is potentially life changing...I was going to make sure I was on the opposite side of the scale to that woman, as Syl says I already am.

Syl, I laughed at your writes cramp story after that comment
But you have NO idea how sitting down and sharing those words with me has effect me in a positive way.
The fear of the future can get a grip of one and people's thoughtless words about my future when they speak to me....and I know most are only cause they care, but they thoughts I don't want in my head...I only want positive and happy thoughts there.
You have added even more sunshine to my life and I thank you for following your intuition to leave me that comment yesterday!
I'm going to share something with you that I am hoping will send you the message I am trying to get across.

A few years back when I was working a lady that was my superior was a runner. I was in awe of her because I would of never thought I had what it takes to do what she does. She would talk about it and it meant nothing to me, my fat self told me "good for her". and that's as far as it went.

Few months has passed and she started talking less and less about running. She seemed really sad and her food choices changed. She was eating more processed foods and no longer spoke of running.

After that we had a staff meeting where she informed us that she has been diagnosed with MS, and that is where the "pity train" started. I am not making light of the disease however she used it in her favour to be a reason to give up.

Years later she is in a wheel chair, as you described above.

When ever I read your posts on MS I am in awe because you Marcelle are the complete opposite of her. You have taken this illness and embraced it made it into a reason to continue to get into the best shape of your life, and not only that but to keep fighting for what's important.

We never know where our path will lead us Marcelle, but if I could put myself in your place for a brief moment, if this is where your illness lead me I would think that you did EVERYTHING possible to fight it. You have not given up, you have flipped your whole eating, working out and spirits around to fight this until you can't fight no more.

Marcelle you inspire me everyday to be a better me. Keep fighting and hold your head high because you are amazing!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. The writers cramp is gone, but you still are amazing ;-).

  2. Hi, I just found your blog! You look fantastic. Congrats on maintaining. Keep running!

  3. I've read Syl's comment already yesterday and it is indeed an inspiring comment but in the end you are still fighting MS on your own and you're doing great! You are doing everything in your power to stay healthy and don't give up.

  4. About your comment: when I run in the morning in Summer I wear capris, a shirt and a light jacket.

    Maybe you're interested to know how I did today:
    Calories 1403 (goal acc. to Fitnesspal 1380)
    Sugar 29 g
    Carbs 164 g (goal 190)
    Fat 53 g (goal 46)
    Protein 98 g (goal 52)

    Funny not enough carbs and too much fat and protein :)

  5. The words that Syl spoke, is true. You are an inspiration because you fight through with the thought that you have MS. And because of this, is why I push through every day.