Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lunch ~ Kettlebell

Today I met a friend for lunch in a few small towns a way from where I stay...
Our next BIG town...
It's also the only town in our surrounding area where you can get fresh sushi.
As my hubby is not fond of sushi, its my choice when we meet for lunch always, as I love, not all sushi, but the few choices I like, I enjoy to eat.
I ate 6 California rolls....
My friend had a mixture of different kinds as she is a lot braver than me.

I did a 45min Kettlebell workout this morning before showering and heading off to meet my friend...I wanted to do something yesterday I ran 12 km ( 7.45 miles ) and taught Kettlebell class.
Talking about Kettlebell, I taught the class outdoor last night.
It was a perfect evening, so one of them suggested we do it on the lawn instead of indoors as we usually do. What a great idea...firstly, you had no fear that should the Kettlebell slip out of you hands it would crack a tile, and we never got overly hot and sweaty like one does indoors.
Last night I made them work with heavier weights...and it was amazing that they both noted their calorie burn was a lot more with the heavier weight...
They all bought 4kgs ( 8.8 lbs ) when we started 8 week ago and now are going to buy the 6kg ( 13.2 lbs) Kettlebell as they felt the difference last night.
I'm using a 7.5 kg ( 16.5 lbs ) and want to get a 9kgs now ( 19.8 lbs )
Remember you swing the kettlebell so much easier to lift than a dumbbell of the same weight.
Kettlebell is all about the swing...
My one neighbor mentioned she can see a big difference in my upper body over the last month, it was not a compliment as she went ahead and said
* You have too much muscle now Marcelle *
I don't want so much muscle, I want to look like a woman, not a body builder!!
I didn't bother to reply as that's her taste in body shape and mine is the fitness body shape...thats the one I am striving for, yes, even at my age!!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I love sushi! I'm like you though, not very brave, I stick to the California rolls ;-).

    I enjoyed the kettle bell workouts when I was doing them as well, once I'm done the ripped in 30 I think I will go back!

  2. Your neighbor is crazy. Muscle is hot. You are far, FAR from looking like one of those manly muscle builders who have absolutely no femininity left to them. You look fantastic.

    I love Japanese food (sunonomo salad, edamame salad, teriyaki ...), but I'm scared of sushi. It's very popular here.

  3. That's crazy that you mentioned kettlebell workouts. I was thinking about joining this gym and they have kettlebell classes. I have no idea what that is. LOL...

  4. That is such a nice way to exercise - outdoors. Cool!
    A q: Do you supply the kettlebells or do your class members bring their own?
    I agree with you - you know what you are striving for and therefor you work towards that and not on what people think you should look like.

  5. I never had sushi, most of it is from raw fish if I'm correct and I'm not a big fish eater. Up to a few years ago I never ate fish: didn't like it. Now I've learned to eat some.

    I would love to have some more muscles, got to work on that but the elbow is still not healed, it's driving me crazy by now.

    You mentioned a few weeks ago (I think after your first race) that you didn't like the body shape of the runners. Well I have to agree with you, I was watching a race in my village last week and had time to look at the shape of the runners and the ones who ran a 50K on their own had very skinny bodies, you could see every bone and their faces were to small. Don't like that.

    Have a great weekend with H. Marcy.