Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday ~ Getting back on track

The South African food products we ordered last Thursday from a website here in Germany, arrived this morning...
Very excited to see foods from my home country in my kitchen cupboards.
Not that any of the foods besides the plain Jungle Oats falls under Clean Eating!!

Today I decided to write down the sugar in all my meals I ate...all meals to me are considered healthy...and by my afternoon snack the sugar was already 40g's... this depressed me so, I ate chocolate and had a mini ice sugar went up even more. ( hahaha, typical me )
I have no idea why with all my healthy eating the sugar is above the suggested 40g per day, where as from * get off sugar * plans that suggest 15g a day. ( I cant do this )
My Green shake with spinach,1 orange, 100ml plain yogurt and pro biotic drink was a problem as well....One orange has 13g of sugar....Crazy!!!
I'm really going to have to read my Clean Eating books by Tosca from cover to cover again and see where I'm going wrong.
My Training for last week

Taught 1x Aerobic and 1x Kettlebell class
Ran 32 km ( 19 miles )
6 Days I did a morning upper body Kettlebell workout
Sunday was my OFF day
I'm happy with my weeks training and want to add more time to my KB sessions.

Today I did one hour all over Kettle bell workout
Then this evening I ran for 8.35 km ( 5.1 miles ) with my neighbour
Struggled for the first 4 km as was hot and tired from the KB workout, my legs felt a little on the heavy side....but kept thinking positive thoughts and told myself that I'm doing great!!!
So in all it was a good day for me, besides the few balls of chocolate and mini ice cream I ate...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Great workout week Marcy.

    I googled on sugar intake on Dutch websites just out of curiousity. I found (Dutch website) that 20 grams of Sugar a day is okay and that you can get that from your normal foods. It also says that one shouldn't eat more than 34 grams a day.
    Maybe you can "play" with the sugar between 15 and 20 grams?

  2. Marcy high tea is indeed what the British do, it's British and we "adopted" it here and it became very popular the past few years.
    It's great to do with girlfriends.

  3. It's encouraging that a thin, fit, veteran like you struggles once in a while too. I used to love receiving stuff from home when we lived in Bangladesh. Just to see a name brand that we recognized was so exciting!

    Wow - that sugar thing is scary, just from eating whole,nonprocessed foods.

  4. Fruit is high in sugar. Yogurt, too. It's very unfortunate. I think it's important to make a difference between sugar that naturally comes with food (orange) and added sugar (ice cream). If I remember well, Dr Lustig (
    ) says that 70g of fructose can be handled by liver daily. That's more liberal and livable. I am not an expert, but it's my opinion that considering you are a runner and avid exerciser, you really don't need to restrict your sugar that much, especially when it comes naturally with your whole foods.

  5. I love how companies are now putting the nutrition info right on the front of the box; makes it easier to see what's really going on!

    So glad you got your package!!

  6. I'm reading Jaime's comment and although the nutritional info in on the front, I always read the labels as well because then I can read the ingredients which is not on the front of the product.

  7. Marcy I've read your comment on Syl's blog about your half. You can do this, no doubt about that, you have a good base and strength. You have two months to prepare, just build up your mileage to at least 19K and you will do fine, bet you will finish in 2 hours too :)