Friday, May 27, 2011

Sheep/Goats Milk

Before I went off to do next weeks grocery shopping this morning, I did an hours Kettlebell workout while watching the morning tv shows.
I still have to watch American Idol...all recorded!

My neighbor sent me a sms earlier to ask if I would do a short run ( she calls it * tour * ) with her this evening at 7pm, I told her, my hubby is getting back from France this evening and I'm not sure when and want to be home when he gets back.

I've discuss how I have changed my eating to fight the MS I was diagnosed with. Well with all my research I see that dairy products and calcium are two things that are not good for MS suffers and should be avoided at all costs. I've not made these changes to my eating as yet, in the back of my mind I know this is my last resort, if I have a relapse then I will remove dairy from my diet but not right now. I feel I've given up so many foods I enjoyed and still want to hang on to dairy for as long as possible, specially as I have no MS symptoms at this time.

Anyway, back to my story and the photo with this entry. I saw goats and sheep's organic yogurt yesterday, so bought as thought I would taste and see if I liked...then slowly stop cows milk yogurt and make the changes over a month or so....This morning I had the yogurt with my muesli and fruit and must say the taste was * so, so * will take a period to adjust to it, its not the worse tasting yogurt, nor is it the best....I didn't buy anymore today when I did my grocery in no hurry to make the switch over.....but it was good for me to know there are other alternatives out there, that I can still have * yogurt * with my muesli for breakfast if I desire.....In a way its made me feel a lot more know it will be okay...but now what will I do when it comes to the ice cream I enjoy from time to time....I wonder if there is goats or sheep's milk organic ice cream out there for sale.....:)

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Didn't you use Alpro yogurt a few months ago? I'm not sure anymore. If you did, why did you stop using it? You might have said it but I can't remember :blush:

    I wouldn't have gone for that run either if my hub would come home after being gone for the week. I'm sure she will understand.

  2. I tried Greek yogurt and I am not even a fan of that. Plain jane yogurt for me and the girls. They are coming out with so many options every day of things. My oldest had a milk allergy so back then about the only option around us was soy. Now there is almond and rice readily available at all the grocery stores. I have tried to switch them over many times but they don't care for the taste but it just goes to show in 5 years what changes.

  3. Test comment.
    I have not been able to comment all week so I am doing a test comment to see if it will post today!!