Friday, August 19, 2011

5km run

The photo of me was taken the last afternoon after I'd run my first ever 21, 12km's
I was tired...but Hubby seemed to think I looked exhausted and said not to lose more weight as I beginning to look gaunt....
I think I was I can see I am not too thin!
I am 1.65 tall and my weight is 61kg's ( 134lbs )
Yesterday, besides a 30 min walk to the post office, I took the day off.....I could feel during the walk that my legs struggled to even do that, so took a easy walk....

Today I decided on a slow recovery kind of run, to see how my legs were feeling....
The day rest had done them good, that immediately I knew I was going to have a good run ~ my first Km was uphill, so ran at a slower pace of 7,5, once over the hill I started to push my pace between 10 to 11.5km...coming back there were a few more uphills, so kept my pace at 9....I wanted to see if I could do the 5km in under 30 mins...
while running today I thought of the half marathon and how I could improve my time...but honestly, I'm happy to run the distance between 9 and 10km...over that it gets too tiring for me....I can do it for shorter distances but there is no ways I could keep that pace up for 2 full hours....not the kind of pace I was running at today, which for me personally was a fast pace...
Once I cooled off after my run...where i burned 498 calories in under 30 mins
I did a 25 min ab workout, with the kettlebell, planks and Pilates.
I could feel I was tired ~ but glad I got out today before the rain come pouring down!!! :)

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I did it....21km's

Today I planned a 20 km run with my neighbor...Road Run

She will be running my first Half Marathon with me...

She is very experienced, has many Half marathons and Marathons under her belt...

she said she would like to support me with my first Half marathon.

Today I kept my eye on my Garmin the whole run...never allowing my pace to fall under 9km per hour ( 5.5 miles ) ~ the first 10.5 km ( 6.5 miles ) is up...a slight ran between 9/10km per hour.

The down was a little easier and I could run faster. Kept my pace between 10 and 11.5 ~ and in between the faster sections I would drop back to 9.8

At one point my water bottle fell off my belt and I had to stop and pick it up...PAIN..ahhhhhhh stopping is so sore...running there is no pain...When i stopped at the finish of my run which was 21.12km ( 13.12 miles ) I had to walk for a while, my legs were shaky...I suppose its the change from the running to walking that this happens, I'm new at running this distance. So it was a new feeling for me as well. Shorter runs I dont get the shaky legs at the end of a run.

SO today this was my longest run EVER...

I feel I am not ready for the half marathon...

No more long runs till the 4 September

I will be doing shorter runs...and tempo to keep my fitness level up.

I got a message from my son today ~ You are SUPERWOMAN!! I am proud! Well done ma!!!

My hubby said ~ Did my Marty complete her 20km? ~ I sent him my time and distance

He replied ~ What can I say!! I really admire U

My boys in my life...cheering me on!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday and weeks recap

Today I went out to take photo's of the apple trees growing in my neighbors garden...walking I noticed that all the * ladies I train * had their shoes at their front doors...
As we all do Trail runs or walks our shoes get very muddy and get left outside to dry before we bring them in.
Today I saw that each one of us had our shoes at our doorstep, so without them knowing, I took these photo's.
The first pair are my Trailer shoes.

Last Friday I, I was totally exhausted.
My face looked like I'd aged 10 years when I looked at myself in the mirror that morning, I could hardly speak....I was finished
I know my mistake was to do the interval run of 8km the day after running the 18 km's
Never going to make that mistake again...The day after a long run, I WILL REST.
Lesson learned!
Training for last week review :~

Kettlebell 3 x
Elliptical intervals ~ 30 mins at gym
Indoor cycling at home ~ 1 hr ~ 30 mins of intervals
Taught Boxing class for 1 hour
Ran 39 km ~ 4 days

I'm loving the intervals I've added into my training and have some new Kettlebell moves which I love as this keeps me excited and motivated.

I've been on plan with my eating....remember my goal is to eat 6 days on plan and ONE day off.
This is the second week I'm doing this and finding that although its my off day I still keep to plan with my 3 meals, its my snacks where I add other foods and will have a glass of wine or a beer on my off day.
I sure don't see my off day as a day to PIG out!!!
Wednesday this week I plan to run 20 km ( 12.42 miles ) with my neighbor who is running the half marathon with me on the 4 September. This will be my last long run before the race....
So far the forecast says Wednesday the weather is going to be GOOD!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.