Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday and weeks recap

Today I went out to take photo's of the apple trees growing in my neighbors garden...walking I noticed that all the * ladies I train * had their shoes at their front doors...
As we all do Trail runs or walks our shoes get very muddy and get left outside to dry before we bring them in.
Today I saw that each one of us had our shoes at our doorstep, so without them knowing, I took these photo's.
The first pair are my Trailer shoes.

Last Friday I, I was totally exhausted.
My face looked like I'd aged 10 years when I looked at myself in the mirror that morning, I could hardly speak....I was finished
I know my mistake was to do the interval run of 8km the day after running the 18 km's
Never going to make that mistake again...The day after a long run, I WILL REST.
Lesson learned!
Training for last week review :~

Kettlebell 3 x
Elliptical intervals ~ 30 mins at gym
Indoor cycling at home ~ 1 hr ~ 30 mins of intervals
Taught Boxing class for 1 hour
Ran 39 km ~ 4 days

I'm loving the intervals I've added into my training and have some new Kettlebell moves which I love as this keeps me excited and motivated.

I've been on plan with my eating....remember my goal is to eat 6 days on plan and ONE day off.
This is the second week I'm doing this and finding that although its my off day I still keep to plan with my 3 meals, its my snacks where I add other foods and will have a glass of wine or a beer on my off day.
I sure don't see my off day as a day to PIG out!!!
Wednesday this week I plan to run 20 km ( 12.42 miles ) with my neighbor who is running the half marathon with me on the 4 September. This will be my last long run before the race....
So far the forecast says Wednesday the weather is going to be GOOD!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Brilliant stuff. I love the shoe pix.

  2. sounds like you are right on track! yay!!!
    i love the shoe pics as well!!!
    reminds me of my college days living in the dorms-us runners would have our shoes left to dry on the window sills!
    hope you enjoy your long run!!!

  3. Funny to see all the different shoes.

    You can run the day after a long run but interval might indeed be a bit too much because a long run and interval run are the hardest runs to do.

    Great workout week and eating is all going plan too. Great job Marcelle.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with all your training. Makes me feel lazy. I am hoping to gym more once Graham goes back to school in a few weeks.

  5. Your shoes are so clean with all the running you do and in the trails! :)

    Glad you learned your lesson, guess we all have too figure out our limits.

  6. I love all the pics of shoes. What a great idea!!! I can't wait to hear about how well your run is on Wed.!!! I am ready to drop after last week so will not try & do so much this week..

  7. wow girl - you are soooo tough!!!! I just started to run again - I did a few runs during spring but my HR was bad - my pace was bad and I felt baaaad.
    As we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last week I was "invited" by hub for a "wellness weekend" and lots of time for me and myself and I recognized I have to do a "change" in my life. So new plans since monday and I started with healthy eating again (not only bread and rolls the whole day) .
    was superhappy with my first day yesterday as I had muesli with fruit for breakfast, a plain yoghurt later, then fresh fish and in the evening zucchini with tomatoes. yesterdays run 5 kms in 31 mins with a pace of 6.50 - burnt 320 calories... I am far far far far away of my goal doing a half marathon this year - right now I am happy to come back to 10 kms again. But not to forget my walks with the dogs wich made another 6 km every day but thats peanuts as not sportive.... take care and good luck Marcelle

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