Thursday, August 11, 2011

More km's run....

A quick update before I fall into my bed....

Today I did the following.

Kettlebell interval with toning for 45 mins...
Working with 10, 7,5 and 5kg Kettlebells.
After 45 mins I felt I had enough
I put it down to my long 18km run yesterday...

This evening I did a 8.8km ( 5.4 miles ) run with hubby
WE did it in 49.40 went fast...
What I did was....
Run fast and then slow down....interval runs
Listening to my songs on my ipod, I would do what I did when I was teaching spinning...
Use the songs chorus to run fast and the versus I slowed my pace.
I did that for the whole run... I felt I had a good workout when I finished

I have to say I am really surprised with myself..
49 ( its just a number I know ) and doing what I'm doing...running the way I'm running.
I know so many people who cant do a thing after a long run....
So expected that as well from myself..
But...NO....was awake today and ready to go.

I will be taking tomorrow off from all cardio..
Just cause I know my body needs it...
But will do Ab workout for 30 mins.
That should be enough for the day.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. You are amazing!
    A true inspiration!

  2. You really should be proud of yourself for being 49 and doing what you do now physically. My mom is 7 years older than you and she can't do what you do now.
    So you SHOULD be proud.

  3. I like the run idea with a song. Never thought of that. You are truly doing beyond great!! You deserve to shout from the roof tops. I feel tired just reading all u

  4. Wow! Impressive workout day after such a long run. Very well done.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on today's post on my blog. Appreciate it very much.